Aave Transforms Into Avara, Aiming to Lead the Web3

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Avara, formerly known as Aave Companies, underwent a transformation in its identity and vision, solidifying its position as a key player in the blockchain and web3 space. With a new name and a strategic acquisition, Avara aims to lead the construction of an open and decentralized internet.

The rebranding of Aave Companies to Avara is more than just a facelift; it represents a significant step towards realizing its broader mission. The company, led by founder Stani Kulechov, aspires to shape a digital environment where decentralization is not just a technical feature but a catalyst for equity and active community participation.

In line with this change in identity, Avara carried out a strategic acquisition by incorporating Los Feliz Engineering, a web3 software development startup with notable contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. This acquisition aims to strengthen Avara’s position in the web3 space and enhance its capability to provide comprehensive solutions.

Kulechov’s Objectives With Aave

Avara’s vision goes beyond traditional financial innovation. The company seeks to create an online environment based on transparency, leveraging blockchain technology and web3 to transform how we interact with the digital world.

Stani Kulechov emphasizes that Avara is not only interested in being a prominent player in the financial realm but also aspires to lead the way towards an internet that aligns with the principles of equal opportunities and decentralized collaboration.

aave avara

With the acquisition of Los Feliz Engineering, the company not only added technical talent but also brought Benji Taylor, founder of Family, into the leadership team as Senior Vice President of Product and Design.

This acquisition marks Avara’s second significant step into the web3 space, following the inclusion of Sonar, a web3 social gaming app, in December 2022.

Both acquisitions aim to expand Avara’s ecosystem, particularly its Lens platform, designed as a decentralized social network.

Avara has not only changed its name but, in its reconstruction process, renewed its commitment under a specific vision and philosophy. It is leading the revolution towards a more open, equitable, and decentralized internet, leveraging technological innovation and community collaboration.


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