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A new partnership with Spend makes Ripple’s XRP available in a large number of countries

After recently announced their support for Litecoin and DASH, the multi-currency digital wallet, Spend made his services usable now with the Ripple’s coin XRP, offering the Ripple platform the opportunity to be more spread across the globe.

The announcement was made by the Spend platform through its Twitter page, saying that now they will support XRP and its buyers and sellers with their own bank account, XRP will be available to exchange with all the backed assets and will be able to instantaneously convert the assets to Fiat on the Spend Visa card.
The Ripple team has been very active lately trying to increase its adoption in the market by making more and more partnerships with banks and exchanges, this news is really profitable for the company since XRP, through the Spend platform, will be able to spend in more than 40 million places around the world and in 180 countries, but you will also benefit from the Spend association with VISA. Due to this association, your debit and credit card can be used anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted.
Spend association with VISA
This is also great news for anyone who often makes transactions and prefers to use the cryptocurrency with the ease of paying by card. Apart from having an economic commission and converting its cryptoactive in fiat on the fly, the user can now save, spend, send more than 16 cryptocurrencies and also make an exchange of crypto to crypto, as well as request loans from the platform.
This association is really profitable not only for the Ripple and Spend platform, but also for the market in general, since it is a sample of how the cryptocurrencies move towards a more generalized use and with ease of use.
Alexis Von Loh
Alexis Von Loh
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