zkSync Sparks Airdrop Rumors Ahead of Major Pre-Game Event

zksync airdrop
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  • zkSync announced a pre-event that has sparked speculation about a potential token airdrop.
  • The protocol released the v24 update of its software on the mainnet, enhancing the security and functionality of the platform.
  • The choice of the ‘ZK’ ticker symbol has caused controversy with Polyhedra Network, leading Matter Labs to withdraw all trademark applications for that term.

According to the latest announcements from the platform, zkSync, Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution, has revealed the start of a pre-event that has stirred speculation about the imminent launch of a token airdrop. The community is eagerly awaiting further details on this initiative that could change the project’s landscape.

The announcement was made through platform X, where zkSync urged users to enable notifications and follow the community account ZK Nation, dedicated to the development and protection of the protocol. Although specific details of the pre-event have not been disclosed, the anticipation surrounding the potential airdrop is palpable. It is expected to be officially announced this month, introducing a total supply of 21 billion tokens.

zkSync Bows to Pressure and Controversy

However, controversy looms large. The choice of the ticker symbol ‘ZK’ for the new token has sparked controversy. zkSync intends to use the symbol ‘ZK’, causing friction with Polyhedra Network, which had already claimed the ticker. The conflict has been the subject of discussion among members of the ZK proof ecosystem, including Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali, Sandeep Nailwal, Brendan Farmer, and Eli Ben-Sasson. Faced with these criticisms and after extensive deliberations, Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, has decided to withdraw all trademark applications for the term ‘ZK’.

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Parallel to these events, the protocol has launched the v24 update of its software on the mainnet. This latest version brings significant improvements in security and functionality, strengthening its proposal as an effective scaling solution for Ethereum. The update is a necessary step in the protocol’s evolution, consolidating its position and competitiveness among scaling solutions.

The community remains attentive to developments, awaiting more information about the pre-event and the potential airdrop. It promises to be a crucial event for the Ethereum ecosystem. The combination of high expectations and technological improvements puts zkSync at the forefront of the crypto industry; its role in the future evolution of blockchain technology is about to take a new path.


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