World’s First Ring Crypto Wallet Presented at Cardano Summit 2023

World’s First Ring Crypto Wallet Presented at Cardano Summit 2023
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The world of cryptocurrency is witnessing a revolution with the introduction of the world’s first ring crypto wallet, the Tangem Ring. This innovative product, developed by Tangem, a Swiss-based wallet hardware manufacturer, was unveiled at the annual Cardano Summit 2023 held in Dubai, as reported by specialized crypto news site Decrypt back on November 1st. 

The Tangem Ring is not just a product, but a new era of digital asset management. It combines style, security, and simplicity, making cryptocurrency ownership more accessible. The ring-shaped wallet is designed to capture the interest of the crypto-curious, including demographics that have traditionally been slow to seek the security of cold storage.

The Tangem Ring is a unique form of cold storage, providing users complete control over their assets and autonomy from any third parties. It is designed to redefine the public’s perception of cold storage while accelerating the mass adoption of digital assets.

The Ring Crypto Wallet Is One of Many Features to Come

The Tangem development team also revealed more details on Tangem Pay, a crypto payment service that allows users to pay at over 95 million VISA outlets worldwide. The Tangem VISA card is currently in development and will provide a non-custodial solution for combining crypto savings with the ability to make fiat payments via VISA POS terminals.

World’s First Ring Crypto Wallet Presented at Cardano Summit 2023

The Tangem Ring and Tangem Pay are part of Tangem’s efforts to increase access to crypto for their users. With these innovations, Tangem is set to change the game in digital assets storage security.

Back in August, the Tangem team announced a series of updates aimed at enhancing their product. These updates include improvements to the design of the hardware wallet and the Tangem app. Additionally, they introduced a new logo, developed a brand style guide, and designed new cards and packaging.

In conclusion, the Tangem Ring is a significant step forward in cryptocurrency. It combines the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience and style of a piece of jewelry, making it an attractive option for both new and experienced crypto enthusiasts.


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