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  • The Worldcoin Foundation launched a developer preview of its World Chain blockchain, designed to scale with the growth of the project.
  • World Chain stands out for its focus on scalability and security, using OP Stack infrastructure and being protected by Ethereum.
  • The collaboration with Reth, an Ethereum execution client, and the support of technology partners like Alchemy, Safe, and Elliptic, reinforce World Chain’s capabilities.

The Worldcoin Foundation has launched the developer preview of its innovative blockchain, World Chain. The initiative, announced on July 7, 2024, represents a unique opportunity for developers worldwide to get involved in the creation and improvement of the new technological infrastructure, designed to scale with the growth of the WLD project.

World Chain stands out for its focus on scalability and security, fundamental characteristics to support the demand of the WLD community. Built on OP Stack and integrated with the Worldcoin protocol, this layer 2 blockchain is protected by Ethereum, ensuring a solid and secure foundation for its operation. The developer preview is currently open to a limited number of participants, who will be able to explore, create, test, and provide feedback before the full network launch later this year.

One of the key points of this project is the collaboration with Reth, a high-performance Ethereum execution client developed by Paradigm. During the preview, Reth will operate in shadow mode, paving the way for its implementation on the main network. Worldcoin and its partners, such as Tools for Humanity (TFH), aim to provide a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle the exponential growth of the project.

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Worldcoin Works on Blockchain Performance

Additionally, World Chain is backed by important technology partners such as Alchemy, Safe, and Elliptic, who will provide the best tools and infrastructure for developers. Safe, for example, offers an advanced smart account infrastructure that developers can use to create exceptional user experiences. The partnerships are aimed at strengthening World Chain’s capacity to support a wide range of decentralized applications and services.

The need for World Chain arises from the scalability challenges faced by the Optimism main network, where Worldcoin user transactions already account for approximately 50% of the total activity. To address these challenges, World Chain will initially launch with a block gas target set at 10 million, with plans to increase this capacity to 1,000 million gas per second in the future. This will allow processing a significantly higher volume of transactions, serving a community of over 10 million users in 160 countries.

Security and privacy are fundamental pillars in the design of World Chain, which will be launched as one of the first chains to implement a fault-proof system to ensure transaction integrity. With the developer preview now available, the Worldcoin Foundation invites the developer community to join the initiative and contribute to the advancement of a blockchain designed to empower humanity in the digital age.


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