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Wish Finance: decentralized loans for small businesses

The projects based on blockchain technology that we are getting to know these days are interesting and have great potential. In this opportunity we will talk about a new blockchain platform that aims to provide small entrepreneurs access to fair and fast funds: Whish Finance.

SMEs often report that access to capital makes a significant difference in the company’s success, as obtaining unsecured commercial loans remains an obstacle. Wish Finance took note of this problem and created a solution: A single platform of global loans.

Wish Finance is a blockchain lender that serves SMEs and struggles to dissolve the main barriers in a vast global market. They offer cash advances for merchants and commercial loans with fair interest rates, based on the cash flow of the company, not their assets. They have access to POS terminals to see transactions in real time, and score data, risk control and automatic loan payment.

The Wish Finance solution is designed to help small entrepreneurs avoid the huge interest rates associated with traditional lenders, which in some cases can reach 60%. By leveraging the architecture of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain platform, Wish Finance can offer low-cost loan processing and high levels of transparency.

The blockchain-based architecture in which Wish Finance will operate will facilitate a genuine global loan that allows lenders to issue loans in just 24 hours, backed by real financial transaction data to qualify SMB borrowers. This system provides a very accurate risk assessment, and allows lenders to offer a fair interest rate.

The Wish Finance platform will operate through the Wish Token, which runs on the Ethereum network. Each token will be priced at $ 1 and are available during the pre-sale of Wish Finance tokens that began on October 27, 2017.

The Wish Finance tokens crowdsale will begin on November 6, 2017. During the first week of the token distribution period, the Wish tokens will be priced at $ 1. The token price will increase to $ 1.05 in the second week of the period, and $ 1.10 thereafter. At the end of the distribution period, Wish Tokens will be priced at $ 2.

To know more details of the platform, you can check your White paper.


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