Winklevoss Brothers Hire Laid Off Coinbase Engineers to Start Their Chicago Gemini Office

Winklevoss Brothers Hire Laid Off Coinbase Engineers to Start Their Chicago Gemini Office
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When Coinbase closed down its Chicago office in April 2019, five engineers stationed at the Chicago office lost their jobs and had nowhere to go. However, the Winklevoss brothers have hired the five and given them new roles in Gemini.

Although the five engineers have found a home in Gemini, their new roles will not be any different from what they did while working for Coinbase. Per the announcement from Tyler Winklevoss, the five will come in to complement their other offices in Oregon, Portland and New York where Gemini has its base. From Chicago, the five will run Gemini engineering hub to back up all of Gemini operations. Apart from the Chicago office housing Gemini engineering hub, it is also presenting the Winklevoss brothers with another opportunity to expand. The Chicago office will also have a reliable and dedicated platform for traders to execute their buy and sell orders together with store their cryptocurrencies.

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Addition Roles for the Engineers

Apart from using their expertise to handle the technical operations of Gemini exchange, the engineers will also use their skills to support Gemini exchange’s primary products. Similarly, they will also be responsible for custody solution and professional trading platform. Moreover, their experience in market places and matching engines will come in handy at developing Gemini core platform. The latter will enable Gemini to strengthen the exchange’s trading services.

In addition to enabling Gemini to expand into the birthplace of commodities markets, the move to open the Chicago office falls in line with the Winklevoss brother’s dream of catering for institutional-grade customers. Currenctly, Gemini exchange supports trading of Litecoin, Zcash, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Bringing onboard new employees with extensive experience will help Gemini add more assets. The Chicago office engineers join other Gemini employees making the Winklevoss brothers have 200 employees.

Alongside announcing the hiring and opening of the Chicago office, Tyler Winklevoss also urged any professional out there who would love to join Gemini to submit their papers through [email protected]. Alternatively, one can go through Gemini career page and get details of vacancies currently open at the Chicago office. As the engineers settle in their Gemini offices in Chicago, they have a huge responsibility to help the Winklevoss brothers achieve their dream.


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