What’s Cardano’s IOG team doing in Africa?

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The IOHK team has ambitious plans for Cardano in Africa and is meeting with blockchain ecosystem members there to expand the presence. Entrepreneurs and politicians in various African countries will meet the IOG team of Cardano regarding plans to deploy more blockchain solutions in that region.

Charles Hoskinson recently had a speech during this week’s meetings that had some interesting points about the plans of the Cardano ecosystem in Africa.

Expanding the Developed World

Helping developing countries is one of the main goals of many blockchain projects. The products can help these countries and their citizens connect faster to the developed world and benefit from numerous opportunities.

Cardano is among the most active blockchains in this section, with a considerable focus on Africa. Many teams from the ecosystem are currently in Africa, working with stakeholders to find better ways to help this region accelerate its growth. The IOG team is one of them.

One of the main reasons for the IOG team to be in Africa is the opportunity to shape the infrastructures using blockchain technology. Africa is on the path to upgrade. New systems can be deployed in countries and shape the future with more powerful tools.

Another subject that was covered in the last speech by Hoskinson was games. He talked about future games that can be more practical for gamers using blockchain concepts like tokens, especially NFTs. He said about the interesting concept of metaverse:

“Ten years ago, no one had a concept of the metaverse, and then Ready Player One comes out, and we’re like ‘Oh yeah, we get it.’ Probably 100 million people will have jobs inside the metaverse by 2030 or 2035. There’s no geographic bias to that. Most of them will probably be in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.”

Creating jobs in African countries is another focus area for Cardano’s IOG team. They plan to help entrepreneurs in various counties so they can create jobs themselves.

Healthcare has always been one of the biggest challenges in Africa. Cardano’s IOG team is tackling this area by talking with various entrepreneurs and politicians to find a reliable solution, especially based on blockchain.

Hoskinson says blockchain can offer practical solutions for healthcare data so citizens will earn money from their data. It’s what we don’t see in the current situation, and governments can easily trade people’s data without their consent.

The main reason for Cardano’s IOG team’s presence in Africa is to find ways to offer solutions for a faster technological revolution in that region. Now that many countries in that region are trying to develop faster, and innovative technology like blockchain can help them deploy infrastructures more reliable and secure.

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