WePiggy Lending Protocol to Launch on Polygon

WePiggy Lending Protocol to Launch on Polygon
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WePiggy lending protocol is the latest DeFi platform to launch on Polygon blockchain showing the high demand for fast and lower-cost transactions. The new project follows a big list of platforms and products that have launched or migrated to the Polygon blockchain.

Most of them decided to have a version of their product on the innovative blockchain because of its benefits like lower costs and faster transactions. WePiggy will launch on Polygon on July 2nd, 2021. The liquidity mining program will go live on the same day on Polygon for WePiggy users.

Efficient Lending Market Protocol on Polygon

There are many DeFi platforms available today for users. Most of them run on the Ethereum blockchain, and many are considering newer networks like Polygon.

As mentioned above, lots of Ethereum-based DeFi platforms have launched a Polygon version lately.

Many new projects are considering this blockchain as their launchpad. WePiggy is the latest one that aims to launch on the Polygon.

The product will go live soon with lending markets for USDC, USDT, DAI, WETH, WBTC, MATIC, SUSHI, and LINK. New assets will be added to the platform soon.

WePiggy tries to offer its services in as many blockchains as possible. Polygon is one of the first layer two blockchains that the WePiggy team has chosen for the launch.

It currently covers big blockchains like Ethereum, OKExChain, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi Eco Chain. Choosing Polygon has the same reasons that many other blockchain projects have.

Launching on Polygon comes with reduced gas fees, faster transactions, and a seamless experience for WePiggy users.

Besides, the Polygon ecosystem is thriving, and many users are coming to products that launch on this blockchain. WePiggy can benefit from this ecosystem and attract more users in the first days of launch.

Launching on Polygon is a strategic step for WePiggy, the project that aims to provide a seamless, comprehensive lending market. According to the announcement post:

“WePiggy focuses on building an open-source, non-custodial crypto-asset lending market protocol that helps users realize asset appreciation and maximize utilization across many blockchain networks. On the premise of giving priority to funding security, WePiggy actively creates a more diverse lending market, optimizes the execution efficiency of smart contracts, and expands more dimensions of the business logic.”

WePiggy surely won’t be the last project to launch on Polygon. The ecosystem around this layer two solutions is thriving, and we can expect many more native assets to launch on it.

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