We tested the Decentraland BETA (First impressions)

Blockchain technology has come to improve and give transparency to all sectors. From the economy to food, through transport or the betting and videogames sector.

From Crypto Economy, we are happy to announce that we have been chosen by the Decentraland team to test the Beta of its recently launched platform. In this review, we will give you our first impression of this magnificent project.

Before we start talking about graphics, gameplay and the possibilities that Decentraland offers as a game, we will give a brief review of the project in general for all those who still do not know it.

What is Decentraland?


Decentraland is a virtual world based on blockchain technology where its users can visit and explore different scenarios, create objects, sell them, own land and create their own virtual businesses, in short, an infinite number of possibilities where the limit is set by your imagination.

In addition, during your trip through this project, you can interact and meet people from different parts of the world or train by teaching any subject.

MANA – The Decentraland token

MANA is an ERC20 token, this token will be used as a payment method in Decentraland.
With it, you can buy land, objects or use them in the different services that are included in this virtual world, such as the use of casinos or hire advertising for your business.

According to the twitter account @dclandbot, on January 11, a land containing 12 plots worth 350,000 MANA ($ 11,231.74) was auctioned.

After giving these small notes on the project, let’s see what it offers.

First steps in Decentraland

To start enjoying this virtual world, it is not necessary to download or install any program. Simply enter a web browser, access the game link, connect to the account and you will be ready to play.

This will allow you to play in Decentraland with your account and character from anywhere and from any device (that is able to move the game).

Visually Decentraland is quite cozy, its graphics have been designed in the style of drawings using low poly, which benefits the load and fluidity of the game.

In terms of colors, they are mostly very pleasant pastel tones to look at. About mobility there is little to say, with WSAD we will make the basic movements and use the space to jump.

During the Beta, the options we have been able to use are quite limited. But in addition to visiting different scenarios and seeing that some Land hide games to try, we have been able to interact with different objects or customize our avatar.

The game also allows you to create a Bookmark with the different lands visited so as not to lose your location.

We still have to see how the wallet will be integrated to manage the MANA in the account, and how the process of making a transaction or payment will be.

The interaction with objects in this first contact is a bit limited, without a doubt when the platform officially launches the gameplay will increase significantly.

Another thing to note about Decentraland is the possibility of using VR glasses (Virtual Reality), which will allow people who have this technology to get the most out of the platform and enjoy total immersion.

To provide a little more extra information, we can say that during the test an RX580 graphics card with 8GB, an AMD FX8350 processor and 16GB of RAM has been used and the operation has been completely fluid.



After months of waiting to see what the final aspect of Decentraland would be, we are more than satisfied. As soon as you take the first steps it reminds you of the well-known Second Life (SL).

Moreover, its theme is quite similar to that of SL, since we can interact with people, create and market objects, visit different places, earn virtual money Lindens in SL and MANA in Decentraland.

But this virtual world based on blockchain brings some improvements to its “big brother”, Decentraland is exempt from censorship, is a fully decentralized system and its tokens can be extracted and traded for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies with ease.

While in the Beta phase, you do not have all your options available, but from what we have seen, we are sure that this project will attract the eyes of both players and investors when it officially launches.

Links of interest

Web: https://decentraland.org/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/wmuBNP8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/decentraland