War Riders Partners With Chainlink to Launch Human-Readable Usernames For Live Smart Contracts


Chainlink’s new partnership focuses on user names in smart contracts. It works with War Riders team to provide human-readable addresses for deposits and withdrawals from live smart contracts on Ethereum network.

The combination of Chainlink Oracle and War Riders API makes it possible for human-readable account names to withdraw tokens from ETH addresses.

Adding user-friendly account names to dApps and decentralized games is a significant step toward mainstream adoption. Now regular users will have the chance to benefit from both the security of blockchain applications and off-chain scalability.

Providing user-friendly accounts and addresses to blockchain users have been the primary mission for many blockchain projects. But not all of them were able to offer a reliable and secure solution. War Riders and Chainlink now provide tools for developers to create a more straightforward signing process. Users can now choose a regular name for their account and connect their wallet address to it. War Riders API with the help of Chainlink oracle will attach the title to the address and help the developer manage transactions.


War Riders started the partnership with Chainlink to provide the more natural user submission in its game initially. Now they can offer the same solution to other dApps developers.

“The ultimate goal for blockchain-enabled games like War Riders is mainstream adoption,” said Vlad Kartashov, CEO of a blockchain startup Cartified, creators of War Riders.

“We want to reduce the friction and make it easier for the people to use our products, while still maintaining high security and reliability of our systems. We’re excited to bring this new feature to the market through a collaboration with Chainlink, and know that many projects can benefit from it.”

Chainlink, enjoying from a massive adoption among various blockchain projects, now aims at the huge gaming market. Their partnership with War Riders can be a test to provide a reliable platform for game developers.

“Blockchain-based games appear on the cusp of gaining more mainstream adoption thanks to advancements in oracle solutions,” stated Johann Eid, Chainlink Product Manager.

“We’re excited to empower War Riders to widen their mainstream appeal by allowing users to easily interact with native assets with little friction or technical knowledge.”

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