VisionDAO Announced Becoming Live; A Modular GameFi Infrastructure

VisionDAO Announced Becoming Live; A Modular GameFi Infrastructure
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A modular stack for GameFi has been developed by VisionsDao that enables sustainable economies through the use of a modular approach.

VisionsDAO, as an on-chain GameFi infrastructure startup, can help game developers implement sound crypto-economic designs and plug-and-play modules so that they can produce a new wave of sustainable on-chain Web3 games that can thrive on the market and thrive for years to come. VisionsDAO has been building this for over a year.

Another GameFi Solution

Through the creation of high-quality crypto-economic modules, VisionsDAO aims to enable immersive gameplay and circular game economies in Web3 game builders as well as legacy game studios looking to take the leap into blockchain-powered games. This helps them speed up time-to-market while reducing development costs and risks.

Taking on the challenge of the current “Pay to Earn” gaming format, VisionsDAO wants to create a new framework. Players, guilds, and project teams felt like they were doing a job rather than playing a game when earning became their primary design focus, and this resulted in higher acquisition costs and a lower retention rate in the long run for both players and projects.

A problem that has been faced by many games is that they have been plagued by issues relating to hyper-inflationary token designs, which are not sustainable. This means that players need to buy a growing number of tokens on a market that is constantly flooding with products.

Since then, token prices have plummeted, and failure rates in first-wave GameFi companies have become a fearsome topic for gamers, investors, and founders alike due to an increase in failing companies.

This problem was addressed by VisionsDAO by developing a stack of 5 modules that can be selected or included in full by game developers to create a game that is based entirely on blockchain technology when it comes to creating an on-chain business simulation game.

By integrating the Visions-SDK into your project, you will be able to create your own simulation game simply by configuring the parameters of the modules in such a way that they function exactly as you require them to work.

VisionsDAO SDK enables developers to create games that will run on blockchains, interoperable across both EVM compatible blockchains, which can take advantage of circular economy features and help reduce hyper-inflation risk, as well as taking advantage of the visionsDAO SDK’s circular economy feature. In addition to the modules, the DeFi protocols have been designed with the same mindset as the modules to guarantee their success.

With the help of industry titans Animoca Brands and Spartan, trailblazer founders, angel investors, and trailblazing founders such as Trent McConaughy, Bruce Pon, and John Lilic, VisionsDAO has raised $2.2m in its seed round. Additionally, Alliance DAO and Kilonova Ventures have provided significant support to the startup, as well as accelerators and strategic partners.


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