VibraVid, – Yet another Decentralized Platform Built on the TRON Blockchain

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TRON is indeed exploding with a great innovation coming up day after day and is currently making headlines all over the crypto space. The TRON blockchain network has made quite major and significant progress since conception. Ever since the platform acquired the p2p global internet network, BitTorrent, it has continues climbing up the lane, especially in terms of its Decentralized Application (DApp) users.

About VibraVid

VibraVid is a decentralized online sharing platform built on the TRON blockchain that’s aiming to become a decentralized answer to the industry giants like YouTube. The platform aims to transform how consumers interact with digital content and in the process increase the revenue potential for content creators.

VibraVid is powered by BeatzCoin’s (BTZC) economy and is a platform that allows users to view or listen to content created by artists on their desktop or mobile phones. Creators will also be able to upload store, market, rent and sell their content to users. They will also be able to crowd-fund, sell merchandise and tickets directly to the fans or subricbers.

John McAfee Backs Up VibraVid

The crypto ninja, John McAfee, tweeted his thoughts about this new platform expressing his love for the idea behind VibraVid. McAfee loves the abilities the new platform gives artists and creators who will be using the platform. His tweet came after the founder of BeatzCoins; Steven Zambron posted VibraVid’s 3rd stage developments on his twitter handle.

TRON’s Hardfork Update

The TRON Hardfork is evidence that the TRON community is only escalating up. The TRON community believes that, the Hardfork update will improve its security and platform. The Odyssey 3.5 Hardfork went down successfully on the 28th of February this year, the same date its rival Ethereum launched its Constantinople Hardfork.

Some of the major features included in the Hardfork, (that are likely to attract more investors on the TRON platform), are account management and multi-signature addresses.

Currently TRON is the leading platform in terms of total Decentralized Application (DApp) users and active users in the world, ranked as the 10th top crypto coin with a market cap of $ 1,407,053,237, as per the time of writing.


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