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Tron [TRX] debuts in the CCID ranking of cryptocurrencies in China

Tron [TRX] debuts in the CCID ranking of cryptocurrencies in China

The Centre for information and Industry Development (CCID) in China has released a new ranking on crypto projects. Approximately 35 projects were evaluated this February, whereby Bitcoin (BTC) just slightly climbed up the ranking and TRON (TRX) debuted at position 2 on the list.

Some of the other cryptocurrencies on the list include EOS, which has remained unbeaten on position 1, Ethereum (ETH) which now ranks at position 3, Bitcoin (BTC) ranked at position 13, Cardano (ADA) ranked at position 22 and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ranked at position 27. In an overall measurement, Nano, Verge and Qtum have been rated as the most improved crypto projects compared to the previous evaluation.

TRON Added in the Ranking

Released on the 26th of February, the update is CCID’s 10th crypto ranking project and 2nd update this year. Among the 35 evaluated projects TRON is the only evaluation added since the last evaluation. Despite the fact that TRON had taken so long before appearance on CCID’s list, the coin has successfully managed to debut near the top.

According to speculations, it is said that TRON took so long to appear on the list because NEO has been the China coin for quite a while before TRON begun gaining mass adoption. Another speculation is that the Success of BitTorrent token (BTT), has played a major lead in TRON’s evaluation.

TRON has yet again managed to overthrow its main competitor Ethereum (ETH). Just recently, TRON managed to surpass Ethereum’s DApps performance.

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How the Evaluation Works

According to CCID, this recent evaluation still uses the three primary indicators that have previously been used. These include;

  • Basic Technology

The top 5 chains for the basic technology category include EOS, TRON, Bitshares, GXchain and Nano. According to CCID this category ‘primarily evaluates the technical realization level of the public chain and examines its function, performance, safety and decentralization.’

  • Applicability

This category mainly evaluates the comprehensive level of public chain support for practical applications. The top 5 chains based on applicability include; Ethereum, NEO, Nebulas, TRON and Ontology

  • Creativity

This ranking however had the weight of the creativity indicator of the total index increased. The creativity chain ensures continuous innovation in the public chain and the top 5 crypto projects on it included Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Lisk and TRON