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Vechain changes its brand and announces its partnership with BMW and the University of Oxford.

Vechain BMW Oxford

Vechain (Ven) is a platform that is dedicated to bringing products and information to the blockchain, with it we can monitor all types of articles and verify their authenticity, VeChain is known as a “white coin”, which are the coins that aim to increase the transparency of transactions.

The presentation event for their brand change was called “Apotheosis“, where they changed their name from Vechain (Ven) to Vechain Thor (VET). These brand changes known as “rebranding” are currently experiencing a boom in the world of cryptocurrencies and that is still another marketing strategy, which on the other hand can work very well, as we could see in the case of nano (Raidblocks).

Vechain Apotheosis Trailer

Introducing Vechain Thor

Taking advantage of this change of image, the CEO of VechainSunny Lu, announced his association with BMW confirming the rumors that had been listening for some time, it is not something new that a car brand wants to enter the world of the blockchain, recently We could see the association between Volkswagen and Iota.

With the growing demand to implement the “internet of things” it will not be strange to continue seeing associations of this type.

The associations of Vechain do not end here, since they have also confirmed that they will work together with the University of Oxford, where they will collaborate together on the VeResearch project, destined to the development aid of Vechain Thor.

In this regard the chief scientist of VeChain, Peter Zhou issued a statement where he said:

“Like our partnerships with PwC and DNV GL, VeChain is always looking for better academic partners, Oxford is without a doubt the best of all, my personal opinion is that Blockchain technology has developed over the years among more and more geniuses of computer science and professionals, however, we see that very few people from academies have emerged in this space in recent years.We believe that blockchain innovation can see great improvements with the participation of researchers from leading academies, such as Oxford, Cambridge , UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, etc. This is one of the directions that VeChain is trying to promote, while VeChain is pleased to demonstrate our commercial capacity of landing to these superior academies, we are also attracting them to dedicate human capital, time and other resources to this technology. “