Unstoppable Domains Unveils Marketplace for Tokenized .com Trading

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  • Unstoppable Domains has launched a Marketplace to tokenize and trade “.com” domains and others on the web3 network.
  • Founded in 2018, the platform offers web3 domains, including “.eth”, “.bitcoin”, and “.crypto”, and has now integrated “.com”.
  • The Marketplace facilitates connections with social profiles and digital assets, strengthening online presence and promoting a unified digital identity.

Unstoppable Domains has launched a Marketplace aimed at revolutionizing the trading of “.com” domains through tokenization on the web3 network. The new platform was inaugurated on June 26. It will allow users to tokenize and exchange “.com” domain names along with other digital domains.

Founded in 2018, Unstoppable Domains has built its reputation for its ability to offer native web3 domains such as “.eth”, “.bitcoin”, and “.crypto”. Now, with the inclusion of “.com” domains, the platform aims to expand its reach and offer users the ability to manage their digital assets more efficiently.

The significance of the initiative lies in simplifying the domain name marketing process, facilitating its connection with social profiles, digital assets, and business operations. This will strengthen users’ online presence and promote a unified and robust digital identity.

In addition to domain tokenization, the Marketplace supports payments with crypto assets, credit cards, and mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay, ensuring frictionless transactions for purchases under $10,000.

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Unstoppable Domains Establishes Strategic Partnerships for Growth

The company has also forged strategic partnerships, highlighting its collaboration with Blockchain.com for creating web3 domains compatible with browsers and emails using the “.blockchain” suffix. Expanding the interoperability of its services will be crucial to bolstering its presence in the digital ecosystem and the crypto industry.

Regarding the NFT market, Unstoppable Domains has partnered with Pudgy Penguins, a renowned collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to offer “.pudgy” domains associated with digital assets. The integration aims to broaden the applications of web3 domains.

With these advancements, Unstoppable Domains demonstrates its leadership and strengthens its hierarchy in the digital economy, providing advanced tools to transform asset management and establish new standards in digital identity and tokenized economy.


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