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UNICEF Project Connect will connect Kyrgyzstan schools to the Internet

Across the globe, millions and millions of kids don’t have access to any form of education due to many factors. However, the ones that do lack access to the internet which comes with a lot of in educative programmers, but now UNICEF has fronted Project Connect to increase the connectivity of schools to the internet.

Through leveraging blockchain technology, UNICEF is linking schools into one ecosystem which will enable them to get access to the internet. To succeed in this endeavor, Project Connect has to first deal with mapping the schools and establish their locations. At the moment the project has mapped 150,000 schools with 1,560 schools in Kyrgyzstan.

From the mapping process, UNICEF data shows that over half of the 1,560 schools in Kyrgyzstan have no data and lack internet connectivity. With such a high number, many kids are missing out on learning more from the educative programs available on the internet. Though the project is still in the process of laying down the groundwork, UNICEF is working with the government in Kyrgyzstan to increase the level of connectivity by exploring options brought forth by blockchain technology.

Apart from enabling UNICEF to improve internet connectivity, blockchain technology will help monitor other essential facilities and the project as a whole. Moreover, other features of blockchain technology will assist in accounting and overall management.

Other Projects under UNICEF

Other Projects under UNICEF Based On Blockchain Technology

For UNICEF to pull this project off successful, it had help in the form of funds from OneWeb Founder and Executive Chair Greg Wyler. The funds are what has enabled UNICEF to handle the groundwork which is mapping. However, on the other hand, as a charitable organization, UNICEF has a donation site which also doubles up as a mining platform. Similarly, another blockchain based project in place is Bangladesh web application W3Engineers which is a web application consulting/development firm.

Further on another project under UNICEF hand is Utopixar. The latter is a Tunisian based startup targeting persons carrying out projects to solve environmental and social issues in our community. The groups are issued tokens by Utopixar for their activities in the community. The tokens are a sign of appreciation and can be redeemed for discount vouchers or used as a currency. The two above projects have received funds worth $100,000 to run their projects.

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