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Tynton Capital Works With tZERO to Digitize Its Newest Fund on Tezos Blockchain

Tynton Capital Works With tZERO to Digitize Its Newest Fund on Tezos Blockchain

tZERO announced a new partnership with Tynton Capital to digitize their data infrastructure on Tezos Blockchain. Tynton has a planned data infrastructure technology fund. The planned offering size of $300 million in this fund will be traded on tZERO ATS.

Tynton Capital is a subsidiary of Tynton Group, focused on innovative technologies that plan to transform society. Megalodon and Gawah Holdings are two of their most important partners.

Their new digital infrastructure fund will “provide investment capital to accelerate the growth and market reach of innovative businesses, advance the digital economy, build resilience, and leverage the value of sovereign data,” according to the press release by tZERO.

tZERO will benefit from the new partnership because of the fame it brings with itself. The whole initiative will help the Tezos community and show its potentials in digitizing business programs. tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi stated,

“We are excited to partner with Tynton Capital to digitize its innovative digital infrastructure fund. Creating access to unique growth investments like this aligns with our mission, and we look forward to collaborating with Tynton on the digitization and trading of future funds.”


The partners’ critical notice aims at investors and tells them to be ready for high risk in their investments. It also suggests they don’t invest in just one program or initiative. It’s the first time that Tynton partners with Tezos community members in a fund. Their executives hope the latest partnership will pave the way for more innovative plans.

Tynton Group & Tynton Capital Founder Jeffrey Thomas commented,

“In the midst of the evolution of the digital society, we are excited to partner with tZERO and Tezos on our first digital infrastructure fund. We believe that tZERO is at the forefront of financial innovation and liquidity for private companies.”

The liquidity platform that tZERO offers private companies helps them move faster toward decentralized solutions and digitizing the infrastructures. Their offerings help companies digitize their capital using Tezos blockchain and trade it on regulated alternative trading systems.

tZERO ATS that will provide the trading opportunity for the new Tynton capital is an SEC-registered broker-dealer. Still, according to the company, “Digital securities that trade on tZERO ATS are conventional uncertificated securities.” After all, the new partnership shows the potential of blockchain and especially Tezos to offer underlying technologies to traditional financial institutions.

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