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Tron [TRX] Justin Sun Emphasizes Importance of Stablecoins

Justin Sun, spoke on a podcast about the importance of the stablecoins for the whole crypto space at large. Apart from talking about the importance of stablecoins, Tron CEO also divulged info about the launch of USDT-Tron stablecoin.

When asked about the importance of stablecoins in the whole crypto sphere at large, Sun said;

“When it comes to defining the infrastructure behind the whole crypto space, stablecoins are the most important thing in the crypto space.”

Per his views, unlike other digital coins, stablecoins aren’t susceptible to the main baggage that comes with hoarding digital currency price valuations. The latter makes it hard for investors to invest in any virtual currency with the aim of making some profits hence the importance of stablecoins. They are not susceptible to the price fluctuations, and since traders want volatility free digital coins, stablecoins have gained importance.

Benefits of Tron Platform Partnership with USDT

According to Justin Sun the previously mentioned partnership with USDT comes with numerous benefits to Tron ecosystem. Through the partnership transactions on Tron ecosystem will be cheaper, fasters and reliable. Furthermore, by incorporating the USDT-Tron infrastructure into one, users will benefit from the improved user experience and congestion will be a thing of the past.

“The current solution in place is not only unreliable for stablecoins, slow, obsolete but also very expensive. However, once implementation of the USDT-Tron infrastructure is complete, I’m sure the blockchain community together with Tron community at large stands to gain from the benefits that come with the move.” Said Justin Sun.

Through the launch together with the platform developments, Justin Sun will bag more traders together with investors.

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