Tron [TRX] has completed the second day of the TRC20-Based USDT 30 million incentive Plan

Tron Foundation has completed the second day of the TRC20-Based USDT 30 million incentive Plan

Tron Foundation launched a TRC20-based 30 million incentive plan to early TRC20-based USDT users. All addresses in the Tron MainNet with TRC20-based are eligible to receive proportional reward and they require no additional procedure. All users are advised to check their accounts for the rewards accordingly.

This announcement was made by Tron Foundation on their official Twitter account. According to this plan, the snapshot for the second day took place at 9:00 am on July 16th, and the users were rewarded with the amount of token held by the users.

The total amount of TRC20-based USDT was 87885730.046379 at the time of the snapshot. A total of 1605 accounts were rewarded with a total amount of 98510.752739 TRC20-based USDT. The total amount of reward was equivalent to 98,060.65711 USD according to the USDT price on Bitfinex.

The snapshot for the 3rd phase of the plan took place today at 9:00 am for the APR of 15% reward and this phase will remain to continue for the next ten days- July 17 to July 27. The reward will be sent within the next 24 hours.

The features of this 30 million TRC20-based USDT incentive plan are;

  • The entire incentive plan will last for 31 days.
  • Higher reward: APR 100% as maximum reward for this incentive plan. Free of charges and zero cost for users to register and receive rewards
  • Larger reward pool; based on the calculation of current circulation of TRC20-based USDT, the overall amount of reward could be as high as 200 million RMB.

Remember APR is an abbreviation for the annual percentage rate, and it is the annual rate that is charged for borrowing or earned through an investment.

The Tron Foundation also said that there would be an extension of this plan or a new plan instead. This will be decided on the basis of community feedback.

According to a tweet by the Official account TronScan, a feature is released by the Tron Foundation. The contract verification and deployment feature are launched. Users can now deploy and verify their contracts by using this feature.

According to Justin Sun, new trading pair, BTT/TRX will be listed on Huobi Global. Customers can trade in this pair at 15:00, July 18, 2019(SGT).