TRON Network is on Track to Globalization as Total Accounts Surpasses 7M

TRON Proposal 51 Published With a Focus on Increasing Bandwidth and Energy Fees
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TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system by bridging the gap between content creators and content consumers by eliminating the middleman. TRON is an ambitious project and on its way to globalization as the latest weekly report reveals convincing stats for the project.

TRON weekly report from July 20th to July 26th shows a steady growth on the network as total number accounts on TRON has surpassed 7 million. 150,822 new addresses were added in the past week.

According to the latest data on TRONSCAN, the explorer of Tron Blockchain, the number of accounts on Tron 7,165,165. TRON’s block height has also exceeded 21.73 million with a total of 976 nodes across the network.

The total number of transactions on the TRON reached 1.085 billion with 11.05 million new transactions in the last week. The week ended with a market cap of Tronix (TRX) at $1.197 billion with a total trading volume of $2.401 billion.

Numbers across DApps are also satisfying as daily active TRON DApps reached 155. A tweet from Justin Sun, CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, shows that trading volume of DApps on July 26, reached a peak of $10,807,518.97 and broke the record of trading volume in last month.

TRON-based stablecoin lending platform JUST, live streaming platform DLive and Tron block explorer TRONSCAN were also integrated with BitTorrent File System (BTFS), a next-generation file-sharing protocol utilizing the TRON network and the BitTorrent ecosystem.

On July 21, Justin Sun announcement three major updates to come on his Weibo account. According to these announcements, TRON Network is going to launch its blockchain oracle service in the coming days. The company will launch the TRON’s version of Uniswap JUST Swap on Aug 17, 2020. The third update includes the launch of USDJ and JST yield farming on August 31.

Last week, TRON also secured the 13th spot in Coindesk 20 list, a list by crypto news outlet Coindesk that ranks the top 20 assets based on verifiable dollar volume and exchange listings. With that, TRON also announced a partnership with ZPayae, a UAE-based cryptocurrency project focused on building a decentralized ecosystem to enable transactional utilities around Emirates.

TRON is a widely recognized blockchain project that has lined up lots of potential milestones in the years to come. This growth shows that TRON is soon to become a global digital content entertainment system.

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