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The rapid development of the cryptocurrency market forces owners of cryptoactives to look for secure methods to store their investments. An excellent example of protection is Trezor’s hardware wallet, a cold wallet that is not linked to the Internet. The hardware device contains all your secret keys and passwords.

If necessary, a properly configured Trezor wallet will be able to “sign” transactions without connecting to the Internet. Cold encrypted storage does an excellent job of implementing tasks, both online and offline.

trezor wallet

The device is small, manageable and can be carried in a pocket without any problem. Trezor’s cold wallet stores crypto coins without the need for an Internet connection. If you need to make a transaction, you just need to connect it to a computer with its USB cable.

In addition, the USB cable itself has limited functions, i.e. it works only to perform operations with cryptographic assets (transactions) and vice versa.

How and where to buy a Trezor Wallet

To buy the Trezor wallet, it is recommended to do so through the official website. Otherwise you could be buying a modified device without security, which translates into a risk to your investment.

According to the manufacturer, the device is available in two colors: black or white. To purchase the product you must go to the official Trezort website,, once inside you only have to click on the Shop menu (top left) and add to the cart the wallet or accessory you want.

The rest of the purchase process is the same as any purchase made online, the standard delivery time marked by the website is from 5 days to 6 weeks.

Functioning of the Wallet

The connection of the device is made by installing a “bridge” software with a computer.

As described by the manufacturer, the process of installing a Trezor wallet should follow the steps below:

  • Connect the wallet to a PC
  • Install the Trezor Bridge software
  • Set up a password consisting of 24 words
  • The Trezor Wallet will be ready to work.

As you can see, it’s not a complicated process.

Enter PIN code in Trezor Wallet


Each time you start the Trezor crypto wallet, the software will ask you to enter a PIN code.

If you have lost your wallet identification information, the device will ask you to enter one of the 24 words that were generated when you started. This process is done to increase security if your device is stolen.

In addition, the official Trezor website indicates that two special cards are included in the package, on which you must enter and save these 24 words.

The device allows the generation of only 12 words, but it is better to write all 24 and thus make sure that our crypto coins are totally safe.

On the first start you must enter the code 2 times, the following times you will only need to enter it once.

The combinations of numbers in the hardware wallet will change constantly, this is done to avoid hacking or tampering during device theft, or simply so that the device does not become vulnerable when connecting to an infected computer.

There is also an additional protection system that increases safety. This is the formation of a seed phrase, which will be necessary in case of total loss of control over the device.

All protection systems are based on BIP39 algorithms (used to protect generated keywords), as well as BIP32 and BIP44.

Cryptocurrencies supported by the Trezor Wallet

The hardware device is designed to work with more than 500 cryptographic assets:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), NEM (XEM), you can see the complete list at

Trezor Software Download

Once the wallet is installed, you must connect to the TREZOR web client, located at

Once inside we select the operating system we need to download and install the software.

After installing the web client, it will allow Trezor Wallet to connect to the system.

Technical characteristics of Trezor Wallet:

  • Dimensions: (thickness x width x height) – 6x30x60mm
  • Processor: Cortex-M3 (120 MHz built-in ARM processor)
  • Screen: OLED with size 128*64 pixels
  • Device weight: 12 grams
  • Connection: Micro USB cable
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android.

The device includes


A USB cable, 2 recovery seed cards, detailed instructions for the device, Trezor accessory tape. (These items may vary depending on the promotion or model purchased)

Trezor Wallet – Conclusion

Trezor’s wallet reviews are positive, as the device provides all possible operations for the reliable protection of cold cryptographic storage.

The fundamental principle of creating a wallet with an emphasis on security is fully implemented. Its cryptographic system provides a high level of encryption for all its actions.

All transactions can be carried out on the screen, each transaction requires a physical confirmation of your actions (i.e. a key must be pressed on the device).

The wallet is lightweight and its size makes it easy to carry and handle, the casing material is waterproof.

The Trezor wallet is CE and RoHS certified, so it meets all quality, reliability and environmental standards.


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