Trezor Adds Support for SOL and SPL Tokens to Popular Hardware Wallets

Trezor: Users can now store and trade Solana and SPL tokens
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Trezor, a prominent hardware wallet maker for web3, has announced a significant expansion in the tokens it supports.

The company announced the integration of SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, and Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens into its Model T and Safe 3 hardware wallets.

This move represents a breakthrough for users looking for secure storage and management options for these increasingly popular digital assets.

The Trezor Safe 3, priced at $79, is equipped with a specialized chip designed to enhance security measures, while the Model T, priced at $179, features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Both hardware wallets offer support for a wide range of over 8,000 coins and tokens, giving users the ability to send, receive and trade various cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

The increase in Solana’s value has been notable, with the price reaching $80.34 at the time of this integration, reflecting an increase of 8.62% in the last 24 hours.

Especially relevant is the 266.8% increase in the value of Solana since the beginning of October, when its price was around $22.

Solana’s upward trend is accompanied by an unprecedented increase in Google searches related to the term “Solana”, which skyrocketed a staggering 250% between early October and mid-December.

Trezor Strategic Move

This integration to support for Solana and SPL tokens aligns perfectly with the upward trajectory of the cryptocurrency and the growing interest it has generated in recent months.

The timing is particularly relevant as Solana continues to be the subject of renewed enthusiasm from traders and investors.

Trezor Expands Its Reach: Now Supporting Solana and SPL Tokens

SOL serves as the backbone of the Solana ecosystem, while SPL tokens follow standards similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard within the Solana network.

Trezor’s initiative not only expands its repertoire of tokens, but also offers users a secure and reliable means to safeguard these specific assets.


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