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Travala.com Now Supports More Than 600,000 Agoda Hotels

Travala.com Now Supports More Than 600,000 Agoda Hotels

Agoda and Travala.com are two of the leading travel platform and hotel bookings firms. Travala.com offers a hotel booking platform that makes it possible for the users to pay with cryptocurrencies. Agoda is a digital travel platform that supports more than 600,000 hotels around the world and is part of Booking Holdings.

Book More Than 2 Million Hotels Worldwide Using Cryptocurrencies

The new partnership between Travala and Agoda adds new 600,000 hotels to the booking platform of Travala. It means users have lots of more hotels available to book with cryptocurrencies. Tavala now supports over 2,200,000 hotels in 230 countries around the world.

Binance is one of the biggest supporters of Tavala. The platform that supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies is leading the way toward easier hotel booking for international travellers. The booking platform supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and AVA, Travala.com’s native cryptocurrency.


Agoda is a digital booking platform. Founded in 2005 in Singapore, it offers various residency options covering all budget levels. The partnership with Travala makes it easier for Agoda to attract crypto-lover travellers to its hotels – besides those who don’t have access to traditional international payment systems.

Travala.com becomes the largest blockchain-based travel agency in the world with this new partnership. The platform now supports 90,124 destinations around the world. It can be good news for blockchain enthusiasts to see more real-world use-cases for the technology.

Agoda execs believe the combination of technologies, makes it more convenient for travellers to book hotels online. Damien Pfirsch, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at Agoda, said:

“Agoda is pleased to add Travala.com to its list of partnerships, helping it enhance its accommodation offering, and providing its customers with an improved travel experience, no matter where their next destination is. Agoda’s technological expertise and private cloud ensure that partners enjoy best-in-class uptime connection to our supply for a smoother customer booking journey, while our strong and extensive relationships with B2B suppliers and accommodation providers worldwide means that partners like Travala.com’s customers can easily access Agoda’s competitive rates and variety of inventory.”

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