Tradewind Market Unveils a New Solution to Track Provenance of Physical Gold

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The emergence of bitcoin came with a lot of business models leading to many coins coming to the market backed to different assets. However, among the many assets, gold has gained favor leading to many firms launching gold-backed coins.

As a firm whose business intertwines with physical gold, getting a reputable provenance tracking system was a must for Tradewind, and now we have Origins.

Origins is a provenance tracking solution for precious metals in which gold tops the table, but in Tradewind’s case, the tool does more than tracking.

Per a description on its site, Origins is in place to help customers buy or sell any precious metals or gold that they know its history. Similarly, through Origins, one can now choose to deal in precious metals or gold based on the name and geography of the mine.

Additionally, one can choose to get metals from a particular mine, specific recycled sources, or made by their preferred artist.

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Besides, just helping track the origin of precious metals and gold, Origins will also give credit to miners enabling them to market themselves. Tradewind Chief Executive Michael Albanese explained further saying;

“At the moment, miners lose their identity once they sale responsibly produced metals from their workshops when they sell them to say a bank. The latter then sales the precious metals to a network of wholesalers who further sell the products to local merchants. While the producers benefit when they sell, they don’t get credit for their works and can’t market themselves. However, now through Origins, they get recognized for their work and can market themselves to merchants downstream.”

Apart From Origins Tradewind Also Has another Platform

While the above is about tracking gold and learning about its source, for Tradewind, it wasn’t enough leading to it creating VaultChain.

The latter is a digital platform that gives investors a direct and immutable connection to their gold in storage at the Royal Canadian Mint.

Additionally, through the platform, investors can buy any amounts of silver or gold via the platform. VaultChain also stores the ownership and transactional records.

While Tradewind is doing its best to sanitize the supply chain sector, for Societe Miniere de Bisunzu (SMB) mine in Congo, officials are doing it right at the source.

They are using blockchain technology to assure clients their gold is sourced from a clean mine and not linked to blood gold.


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