TQ Tezos Announces Homebase, A Seamless Way to Launch DAOs on Tezos

TQ Tezos Announces Homebase, A Seamless Way to Launch DAOs on Tezos

TQ Tezos or Tocqueville Group, a New York-based technology company building Tezos-based solutions and open source software for enterprises and developers, has announced its Homebase project that will enable anyone to launch DAOs on Tezos.

TQ Tezos announced the news in a blog post on Thursday, January 21. According to the company, the Homebase project aims to provide a seamless way for anyone to launch decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on Tezos in a few clicks based on a smart contract framework called BaseDAO.

This means that Homebase consists of two things: the BaseDAO framework and the Homebase DAO launcher or a user interface (UI).

The BaseDAO is a smart contract framework that allows anyone to create and finetune their DAO on Tezos for the decentralized governance of resources, registries, or rules and “customizable proposals that represent “arbitrary code as lambda functions”. The framework is based on the FA2 token standard. TQ Tezos explains BaseDAO as:

“A proposal executed by a BaseDAO can be as simple as transferring some funds to an address or, like Tezos, as complex as updating the DAO to an entirely new set of rules. BaseDAO governance cycles include two periods: a proposal period and a voting period. Proposals are submitted during the proposal period and then DAO token holders who have frozen their assets in the DAO (“staking” in many Ethereum DAOs) vote on whether to execute the proposals.”

Furthermore, a BaseDAO SDK is also under development and planned for release in February.

The second part of Homebase is an intuitive UI for creating and interacting with DAOs created using the BaseDAO framework. It allows DAO creators to “spin up DAOs based on several templates, select parameters of the governance process, and allocate an initial distribution of the DAO’s native token.” Support for Tezos Domains will also be included in the future.

According to TQ Tezos, this initial V 0.1 release just includes two DAO templates. The first one is the Treasury DAO that enables token holders to control a treasury of assets and propose transactions that are subsequently voted on. Second is the Registry DAO that allows participants to govern arbitrary smart contracts, such as price feed oracles or parameters of a decentralized marketplace.

TQ Tezos will launch a beta version of Homebase in early March. The team concluded:

“Initially, Homebase will support the core behavior requested by users and the community: parameter selection (e.g. similar to Compound) and treasury management DAOs. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be enhancing and extending these templates for new exciting applications such as fractional ownership of NFTs and DAOs for simple off-chain vote signaling like Snapshot.”

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