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Tip Blockchain: facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies via P2P networks

The growth of blockchain platforms whose solutions seek to facilitate the use and disposition of cryptocurrencies, is a necessity for the cryptoeconomy strengthen. By providing the majority of people with an understanding of cryptocurrencies, their use and, above all, their availability to serve as a means of payment for goods and services, the original mission of those will be consolidated. In this sense, we will talk on this occasion about Tip Blockchain and its blockchain proposal.

Tip is defined as a large third generation blockchain network, which interconnects users and merchants through peer to peer networks. With this vision Tip seeks to facilitate transactions between individuals and merchants by encouraging the use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, making them much easier. The objective of this platform is to provide end-to-end, easy-to-use solutions for companies and private users, seeking to eliminate friction and the technical issues that are common when using cryptocurrencies.

The Tip Blockchain provides end-to-end solutions that connect businesses with their customers and end users to other users. For everything to be done in a friendlier, simpler and safer way, the Tip Blockchain solution contemplates among other features, providing easy-to-remember and easy-to-find usernames that make it easier for other users to search. Likewise, they incorporate point-to-point instant messaging, which will be integrated into the client’s applications of the platform, thanks to which users will be able to chat with each other and make transactions with ease.

For merchants and companies, Tip Blockchain has given a point-of-sale system that facilitates accepting and processing payments with cryptocurrencies, based on the platform’s own blockchain network. This own blockchain is an indexed database that has its own search capability, and that can store arbitrary information, along with addresses and transactions. Everything related to user names, searches, instant messaging and the point of sale application are decentralized applications that will be built on this own blockchain.

Going deeper in terms of the solutions themselves, Tip Blockchain highlights the implementation of friendly addresses that are created from a cryptographic hash, so users can create readable names or aliases for people in their accounts and make transactions using these aliases, instead of the long 21-character addresses we know. The Transaction metadata feature, which provides the ability to attach arbitrary metadata to addresses and transactions, complementing the information contained in each block, and which can only be deciphered and viewed by the holder of the private key. Instant messaging point to point will be key at all times.

The Tip team will develop a first application that will consist of a wallet and instant messaging will be a central feature of it. Users can send transactions directly from messaging conversations.

The TIP token is the native currency in the network, therefore, it will be used to pay for all transactions in the platform, storage services and other services in the network. The Tip platform constitutes an ecosystem that allows users to buy digital goods and services on the platform, and with a vision that tangible goods can also be acquired from merchants who accept Tip token.

Tip Blockchain will carry out a public sale of tokens in which users will be able to buy TIP tokens using Ethereum or Bitcoin. The selling price of Tip will be 1 ETH = 10,000 Tip, or 1Tip = 0.00001 ETH.

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