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Things to Keep in Mind when Using Cryptocurrency for Gambling

Cryptocurrency is popping up everywhere. From preventing fraud during car sales, helping Canadians pay property taxes to online gambling. Currently, the majority of places where players will find cryptocurrency options are new brands launched online. However, many believe that it is only a matter of time until established UK online casinos such as mFortune start enabling cryptocurrency on their platform. When cryptocurrency does become even more popular and present in the gambling industry, what other things will we need to keep in mind? This post is for the forward-thinking gambler.

The Benefits of Online Casinos Using Cryptocurrency

Players choose online casinos for a variety of reasons. Some choose them for their games, the interface of the site, reputation, promotions and many other factors. One of those other factors is often payment methods on offer. If your preferred payment method is not available, it can make online gambling with that site an inconvenience.

Cryptocurrency is often of keen interest to gamblers but used to be an interest away from the playing tables. Now that more online casinos are offering crypto as a form of payment and a withdrawal option, it helps gamblers. It benefits them because transactions can be made faster and sometimes without added fees that some methods do impose. These are the two biggest benefits of online casinos with crypto options, but how will it affect the way in which we gamble?

How Will Crypto Impact Online Gambling?

There are some important things to keep in mind when getting excited about the presence of cryptocurrency in online gambling. Here are the biggest considerations.


Cryptocurrency as an option for payment is certainly beneficial, but gamblers will have to have more than an eye on the slots when they manage their money. Although all currencies are subject to increases and decreases in value, cryptocurrency is often more volatile. Especially Bitcoin which has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows for its flag bearers. Just like trading, those gamblers who let Bitcoin sit in their casino wallets may be subject to winning or losing without playing a hand or spinning a reel.


There are also some practical implications to start gambling with cryptocurrency, especially if this is your first dealing with digital currencies. Just like you use a bank account to store your fiat currencies, players will need a similar product to store cryptocurrency. This means getting a crypto wallet where you can keep your digital currency safe and secure. It is always recommended to do the appropriate research and choose a wallet that defends against cyber attacks.


Although most slot games will not be affected by your choice to use cryptocurrency instead of your hard-earned dollars or pound sterling, some of them do. Limited online casino games change when being played with cryptocurrency. Although you are likely not to come across them, always be aware that it is a possibility. Moreover, be aware of the casinos that only offer crypto payments on certain sections of their online casino. Some only offer it on sports betting while others only on table games. The bottom line is to do your research and don’t get caught out!

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