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The World Ethical Data Forum (WDF) arrives in Barcelona in September

The World Ethical Data Forum (WDF), which will take place at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, will be held on September 19 and 20. The forum will provide the opportunity to learn from the invited speakers about the use of data in decentralized technology and blockchain applications.

What is the World Ethical Data Forum (WDF)?

The WDF is an event that has positioned itself as one of the most important in the sector, this event emerged after the Facebook and Cambrige Analytica scandal and its mission is to examine the issues arising from the use of information and data in decentralized technology.

What does the World Ethical Data Forum contribute?

World Ethical Data Forum (WDF)


In this event, you will have the opportunity to attend and debate in the different presentations on the need to build an ethical framework for the use of data and Blockchain applications.


After the event, it will open the way for Networking where you can share experiences with other attendees, make contacts and interact with leading figures in the industry.


Among the speakers that will attend the World Ethical Data Forum (WDF) we can highlight:

Jennifer Robinson

Adviser to media organisations, journalists and whistle-blowers on all aspects of media law.

Ralph Merkle

Dr. Merkle received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1979 where he co-invented public key cryptography and invented Merkle Trees. He is now a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, a Director of Alcor, and a Chair Emeritus of Nanotechnology at Singularity University.

Annie Machon

Writer, media pundit, and international public speaker on a variety of related issues such as: the wars on terrorism, on whistleblowers, on drugs, and on the internet. She is a member of the Sam Adams Associates, a global group of intelligence, diplomatic and military whistleblowers.

In addition to these 3 main speakers of the event will also attend:

David Brin, Alex Lightman, Chris Cleverly, Dr. Fenglian Xu, Philippe van Nedervelde, Simon Thompson, Toufi Saliba, Philippe Chevry, Randall Newton, Chloé Ipert, Jean-Philippe Beaudet, Maria Magadalena Grigore, Alberto Grisone, Patrick Poirier.

World Trade Center (Barcelona)

World Trade Center (Barcelona)The World Trade Center of Barcelona is a business complex for congresses and meetings equipped with the latest technology and in a privileged situation since it is located on the shores of the Mediterranean in one of the arteries of the city.

This location puts at your disposal services such as shops, a 5 star hotel and parking among others.


  • September 18

(7:00 pm) Opening ceremony and reception for sponsors

  • September 19

(9am – 7pm) The World Ethical Data Forum begins

(As of 7pm) World Ethical Data Forum – Networking (Drinks and Party)

  • September 20

(9am – 7pm) Continuation of the World Ethical Data Forum

(As of 7pm) World Ethical Data Forum – Networking (Drinks and Party)

Prices and discount coupon

The purchase price of the tickets will vary as the event approaches, these are the prices currently available:

Until the 25th of August

  • 199.99 € – One day pass
  • 299.99 € – Full event pass

From August 25 to September 9

  • 299.99 € – One day pass
  • 399.99 € – Full event pass

From September 10 to September 16

  • 399.99 € – One day pass
  • 499.99 € – Full event pass

As of September 17

  • 499.99 € – One day pass
  • 599.99 € – Full event pass

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