The Unjustified Criminalization of Cryptocurrencies Continues: Founder of Tornado Cash Sentenced to Prison

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  • Alexey Pertsev, developer of Tornado Cash, has been found guilty of money laundering and sentenced by a Dutch court.
  • The sentence of over five years in prison for Pertsev raises concerns about the persecution of developers of decentralized technologies.
  • The sentence sends a warning to cryptocurrency developers and users worldwide.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Alexey Pertsev, the developer behind the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, has been found guilty of money laundering by a Dutch court. The news is a harsh blow to the crypto community and raises concerns about the persecution suffered by developers of decentralized technologies.

Tornado Cash, a platform designed to enhance privacy in crypto transactions, has been subjected to intense and blatant legal scrutiny. Although the protocol is intended to provide anonymity and security to users, it has been embroiled in a series of accusations of facilitating illicit activities.

The sentence of over five years in prison imposed on Pertsev is an attempt to send a message to the crypto industry and brings to the table debates in terms of regulation and legality. Although Tornado Cash is a non-custodial protocol, meaning it does not control or retain users’ funds, Pertsev has been held accountable for the actions of those who use the platform for illicit purposes.

The decision of the Dutch court has sparked a debate about the responsibility of open-source software developers. However, what was sought and achieved here is to criminalize developers for the misuse of their technologies.

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Tornado Cash: Martyr of the Crypto Industry

The true background of the issue is to persecute and indoctrinate. A sentence as a warning for those who seek to enjoy the freedom that belongs to them, in all areas, but particularly in the economic sphere.

Pertsev’s conviction suggests a troubling trend towards the criminalization of blockchain technology use and decentralized economy. Persecution that could have devastating consequences for the industry as a whole.

Despite defense efforts and the pending appeal, the sentence sends a signal to cryptocurrency developers and users worldwide. The threat of legal persecution by authorities can deter innovation and hinder the development of technologies that could have a positive impact on society.

Pertsev’s case highlights the urgent need for a clear and fair regulatory framework for the use of cryptocurrencies and related technologies. Without an adequate framework that protects both innovation and public interests, the crypto industry risks facing further repression and stigmatization in the future.


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