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The support of Aeternity in Ledger Nano S arrives after the last firmware update

Finally the Ledger Nano S Firmware that aims to bring a new cryptographic algorithm to the market as well as other security improvements has been released.

The Ledger company posted the release on their website stating that they are “thrilled to release a new firmware update (version 1.5.5) for the Ledger Nano S, which brings new cryptographic algorithms, security improvements and additional features.’’

According to the post the upgrades included in the ledger will build more possibilities for third-party developers enabling them to support crypto assets of their choice. It aims to achieve this by adding several specific cryptographic algorithms that were not available in the previous set up.

These new algorithms include new hashes, new signatures and new derivation schemes. The new hashes include Groestl, which enables the future support of Groestlcoin and BLAKE2b algorithm which allows size reduction in projects that are already using the program.

The Ledger Company promises to continue implementing new algorithms in their custom operating system, BOLOS and deploy them through firmware updated.

Security Improvements

Security Improvements

The security improvements included in this ledger not only improves device security but also has a programme that rewards security researchers for their findings. With continuous attacks from the Donjon security team, the previous release, version 1.4.2 had a lot of security issues. The new firmware (version 1.5.5) offers a ‘non-exhaustive’ list of security improvements as listed down below;

  • Full redesign of the arithmetic architecture
  • Improved MCU genuine check to prevent the installation of rogue MCU firmware by software
  • Improved PIN code implementation for better resistance to hardware attacks
  • Hardening of the PIN code verification against various hardware and side channel attacks
  • BOLOS critical parts refactoring

The Ledger has also enabled a WebUSB for the dashboard that allows application management from any compatible browser. In the future this will allow applications that are similar to Ledger Live to install multiple apps or re-install apps after the firmware update.

According to a tweet from the Aeternity Blockchain on twitter, the team is urging its users not to update their Ledger devices yet if they want to manage the AE tokens, following the upcoming Aeternity support.

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