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The Ethereum Foundation [ETH] shows a series of Dapps that have use in real problems

Yesterday, the Ethereum Foundation added a post on their blog that entailed ways in which the platform can use Decentralized Applications [DApps] to solve real world issues. The Ethereum foundation is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote and support the Ethereum platform.

The foundation bases on research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols and tools to the world that empower developers to produce next generation DApps, and together build an internet that is accessible worldwide, and is more free and trustworthy.

The team is looking to learn more about the changes that are already taking place thanks to the DApps built on Ethereum. They are also urging people who are conversant with, or people who are building applications on Ethereum, with the goal of solving global issues to help them by taking part, and voicing out their opinions in the platform’s short survey.

Ethereum DApps

Undoubtedly, Ethereum is the king of DApps and Smart Contracts, hosting over 90% of the world’s DApps and Smart Contracts. The platform hosts several great DApps including;

  • Ethlance, a decentralized marketplace hosted on the Ethereum platform for posting jobs and hiring freelancers.
  • Cryptokitties, an app that gives its user’s access to digital cats which they can buy, sell or breed. These cats or kitties are called cryptocollectibles.
  • Aragon, an interesting project on the Ethereum platform that allows users to build and manage organizations known as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [DAOs]. Aragon enables management of stronger organizations.
  • Prism, a decentralized asset portfolio market by ShapeShift, through which one can invest Ethereum [ETH] in different cryptocurrencies and specify the percentage of holdings the need.
  • Radex, a zero-fee decentralized exchange for Ethereum Tokens [ERC 20].

The list is endless. The Ethereum platform has greatly advanced, and they see it as part of their responsibility to “highlight the good faith efforts and positive works of all those helping’’ them realize their mission.

As posted on the blog,

The Ethereum Foundation is only one star among many in this ecosystem, but it is our aim to connect and support others working to improve the world. Help us advance our understanding of all the stars that are out there, including those that have been hidden from our view, so that we can be a better connector and supporter to all!’’

The Ethereum Foundation has worked to connect new and underfunded builders with the most involved members of its industry through programs like their scholarship track at Devcon.

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