The Creator Token $RON is Launched by Ronaldinho as Part of His Entry Into Web3

The Creator Token $RON is Launched by Ronaldinho as Part of His Entry Into Web3
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The legendary soccer player Ronaldinho announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency called $RON onto the social token platform P00LS. He is now joining a new generation of creators seeking a new way to connect with their communities through content they own.

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With the $RON tokens, holders are able to fully immerse themselves in Ronaldinho’s universe, including access to exclusive content, exclusive events, and merchandise, as well as token-gated channels and NFTs

It is important to understand that the $RON token community represents a new way for fans to gain access to Ronaldinho and connect with each other. The $RON token is an ERC-20 token that will launch on April 28 and be available on P00LS.

P00LS is implementing a protocol that will allow Ronaldinho supporters to earn his tokens for free before the official launch of P00LS. Fans and friends of Ronaldinho can earn tokens for free by answering questions about his past or sharing information about him on their social media channels. Ronaldinho and his community will benefit from the creation of this social token infrastructure with the ability to make informed decisions about future projects.

Ronaldinho has established his reputation as one of the greatest players of all time during his time at Barcelona, the Brazilian national team, and Paris Saint-Germain. While he has a recognizable name and a career that spans decades, his skills and charisma have also managed to bring together fans from across the globe. In addition to his football career, he has come into business ventures and started personal projects to unite fans and invest in creative projects.

Ronaldinho said about the new project:

“My fans have been at the heart of my success on the pitch and off. Over the past two decades, they have followed my journey to the beautiful countries I had the opportunity to play in and visit, with the support and celebration that exemplifies the best of what football can offer the world. More than just fans, they are my community. This is why I am incredibly excited to launch my token with P00LS.”

Ronaldinho is the latest creator to access the value of creators through P00LS, the premier tool for identifying creators. He will be joining brands like Hugo Comte, Blond:ish, Carlita, and others seeking a deeper connection with their fans. A community-first Web3 protocol for creator cryptocurrencies, P00LS, was created in 2021 by Hugo Renaudin. In partnership with creators and brands, P00LS launches social tokens, distributes them to their communities, and lists them on P00LS’s decentralized exchange, where they can be earned and traded on Ethereum.


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