Taproot Wizards Introduces Script for a Node to Reject Ordinals on Bitcoin

Taproot Wizards Introduces Script for a Node to Reject Ordinals on Bitcoin
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In a groundbreaking move, Taproot Wizards, a renowned art collection inscribed by Bitcoin Ordinals, has announced the development of a method that allows Bitcoin enthusiasts to remove specific inscriptions from their Bitcoin software.

The company’s pseudonymous Chief Technology Officer, Rijndael, revealed the news in a post on December 26, stating, “Merry Christmas, ord disrespectoors! I have a gift just for you! This script will rid your node of inscriptions.”

The recently developed script is designed to trigger nodes to discard any blocks that include inscriptions. Should the majority of nodes adopt this behavior, miners will be inclined to construct on a chain tip devoid of inscriptions, or they may opt to sell in a less expansive market, as explained by Rijndael.

Despite the innovative approach, some experts remain skeptical about the software’s potential impact. James Check, Glassnode’s lead analyst, known as “Checkmate” on X, believes it’s unlikely the software will gain significant traction, despite the presence of vocal critics of Ordinals.

Taproot Wizards’ Revolutionary Script Offers Solution to Ordinal Inscriptions

Taproot Wizards Introduces Script for a Node to Reject Ordinals on Bitcoin

Check clarified that the main purpose is to show that the majority of those voicing concerns about Ordinals actually represent a minority. The software, now accessible, can invalidate them on their node. However, one would quickly understand that this action essentially renders your node useless, as they are legitimate transactions.

He also stated that this serves as an illustration of the deadlock inherent in Bitcoin governance. Rijndael confessed that the software’s creation took approximately 15 minutes. He conceded that the script’s effectiveness could be easily bypassed by modifying an Ordinal fingerprint.

Despite these challenges, the move by Taproot Wizards marks a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue surrounding Bitcoin governance and the role of Ordinals within the system. The discussion around the censorship of Ordinals in Bitcoin transactions gained momentum recently. 

This was triggered when OCEAN, a Bitcoin mining company headed by Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin Core developer, started to decline transactions involving Ordinals. The company justified this action by highlighting the potential threats of denial-of-service attacks and an escalation in mempool congestion. However, opinions vary within the community, with some individuals seeing possible advantages or disadvantages based on the circumstances.


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