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Talentchain: talent assets in blockchain

Thanks to the blockchain technology, you can have access to records of virtually any kind of events that are added to a chain of specific blocks, permanently and unchangingly remaining there, which confers security, transparency, reliability and efficiency. The quality of the information that can be stored in blockchain gives for many applications that have a positive impact on everyday life, and Talentchain knows this.

Talentchain is a permanent and accessible record in real time that keeps data about the learning journey of an individual from its beginnings to become an asset of talent in form, in such a way that it serves as a repository of skills and experiences of an individual , all tamper proof.

The result of the record that Talentchain is doing is a digital passport for life that stores academic certificates, skills, endorsements, awards, distinctions and recognitions of an individual, whether a student or a professional. And all that in a safe, immutable and permanent way.

Talentchain has its base of operations in Malta. The government of that country, very friendly with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, creates a favorable place for a blockchain-based product such as Talentchain to be successfully implemented and grow in substantial proportions globally.

Talent Passport is the star product of Talentchain, and is a unique storehouse of individual skills and credentials that provides a multifaceted projection of that individual’s talent journey to help the better manage and plan its career chart. It also allows you to easily share the verified details and those records with future employers and recruiters.

The very frequent problem of the lack of credibility in the information provided by many people has meant that a reliable solution is needed to rescue that credibility and trust in people in terms of the information they give of themselves.

Thanks to the benefits of the blockchain technology, this solution is viable and materialized in the Talentchain proposal, which also uses artificial intelligence to help individuals, universities, corporations, banks and governments create a unique and reliable ecosystem in which they count with information loaded in blockchain, so it can be verified and be available instantly.

This creates an updated digital CV in real time and instant access, verified and reliable that makes this information of an individual, a real asset of talent.


These are some of the features of Talentchain:

  1. For Students / Employees: Verified Credentials, Improved Placement, Learning Passport, Earn Revenue, Buy Online Courses, etc.
  2. For Universities / Institutes: admission without problems, reliable origin of the applicant, brand perpetuity, free income, free intermediaries.
  3. For Recruiters: transparent hiring process, instant verification of candidates, reduced hiring cost, quality hiring, reduction of hiring time.
  4. For facilitators / banks: Bridges Trust Deficit, transparent ecosystem formation, evaluation of loan eligibility, brand image building.

The Talentchain platform has its own utility token, the TTO, which is in ICO, and will end on November 16 next. The price of 1 TTO is $ 0.1 during the ICO.

To know more details about this platform, we suggest you follow them on Twitter, as well as join their Telegram channel to stay up to date with their news.

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