SYS Labs Unveils Rollux: Bitcoin-backed EVM L2 Solution

SYS Labs Unveils Rollux: Bitcoin-backed EVM L2 Solution
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SYS Labs, a leading force in the Web3 ecosystem powered by Syscoin, has made an announcement with the unveiling of Rollux, an innovative Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer-2 solution for Ethereum. Rollux sets itself apart from its competitors by harnessing the power of Bitcoin, offering a distinctive approach to scaling Ethereum and revolutionizing the blockchain landscape.

SYS Labs integrates various components within its ecosystem, including the Pegasys DeFi exchange and automated market maker (AMM), the Luxy NFT Platform, the Pali Wallet for web and mobile, DAOSYS, and Camada, a noncustodial crypto trading platform that adheres to regulatory standards, facilitating mainstream investments and self-custody.

Moreover, the Rollux platform establishes a groundbreaking benchmark as the most advanced EVM roll-up solution, revolutionizing industry standards in terms of speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This remarkable technology offers unparalleled velocity, exceptional scalability, and an affordable user experience with the lowest transaction fees available.

The Strength of Rollux: Bitcoin backed, Syscoin driven

Rollux upholds robust levels of decentralization and security through the integration of merged mining with Bitcoin, a unique strategy implemented solely by Rollux among major rollup solutions.

The Strength of Rollux: Bitcoin backed, Syscoin driven

Jagdeep Sidhu, the CEO of SYS Labs, expressed the profound implications of Rollux, stating,

“Rollux is the embodiment of our shared vision and unwavering commitment. We’re delivering on our promise of speed, decentralization, security, affordability, and scalability—the core pillars of blockchain technology that we always believed were vital for fostering mass adoption.”

To celebrate this momentous launch, SYS Labs has launched an exclusive Airdrop on Rollux. Aspiring participants can get in early and participate by performing one or all of the methods highlighted in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Rollux derives its strength from the utility token $SYS. Operating as an EVM-equivalent optimistic rollup, Rollux combines the robust security of Bitcoin’s mining network with Syscoin’s Layer 1 finality and data accessibility. As Syscoin’s Layer 2 solution, Rollux plays a pivotal role in enabling the unprecedented scalability required for a wide range of potential applications, paving the way for widespread adoption.

As SYS Labs continues to push the boundaries of Web3 technology, its comprehensive ecosystem, driven by SuperDapp and supported by a range of complementary products, positions itself as a driving force for innovation and growth. With Rollux at its core, SYS Labs aims to shape the future of blockchain by enabling efficient, secure, and user-friendly decentralized applications that can unlock the full potential of blockchain technology.


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