SUI Launches Revolutionary Blockchain Gaming Handheld: SuiPlay0x1

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  • Mysten Labs and Playtron present SuiPlay0x1, a device that merges blockchain and traditional PC games.
  • It will be equipped with the Playtron OS operating system and will be compatible with various hardware configurations.
  • Scheduled for release in 2025, SuiPlay0x1 will support a wide range of games, including those from the Sui blockchain. Its initial price will be around $500.

Mysten Labs and Playtron have announced the development of a new and revolutionary gaming device that will be the next leap in the industry. It’s called the SuiPlay0x1, a console designed to combine blockchain games with traditional PC games.

The device was unveiled at the Sui Basecamp event during the Paris Blockchain Week. It comes equipped with the Playtron OS operating system, based on Linux, and offers compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations. Its main goal is to popularize blockchain games by integrating the Sui network and offering incentive programs for users.

One of the most important features of the SuiPlay0x1 is its ability to link users’ Sui assets with their Playtron account, allowing them to access their games and assets across multiple devices. Additionally, the device will incorporate Sui’s zkLogin feature, providing a seamless login experience similar to Web2. Users will also be able to make purchases of traditional games through Sui’s wallet in the Playtron store.

SuiPlay0x1 is scheduled to hit the market in 2025 and will support a wide variety of games, including those built on the Sui blockchain, other Web3 games, and AAA PC titles from popular platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store.

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Challenging Steam’s Throne Through SUI

The alliance between Mysten Labs and Playtron has been made possible thanks to a $10 million funding round, with heavyweights in the industry such as Samsung Next and Polychain Capital participating. Playtron, led by Kirt McMaster, former CEO of Cyanogen, and John Lagerling, former Google executive, is committed to challenging Steam’s market leadership with a Web3-friendly alternative that encompasses both crypto and PC games.

Mysten Labs aims to foster a massive market for Web3 games, and the SuiPlay0x1 is the key to entry. With an expected price of around $500 and an upcoming airdrop, this device could change the way we experience games in the near future.


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