Strike and Bitrefill Partner to Widen Bitcoin’s Everyday Utility

Strike and Bitrefill Partner to Widen Bitcoin's Everyday Utility
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Strike, the innovative Lightning payments app, and Bitrefill, the cryptocurrency services provider, have joined forces to expand the practical applications of Bitcoin (BTC) in users’ daily lives. This partnership opens new ways for consumers to integrate Bitcoin into their everyday transactions, making the digital currency an accessible choice for the masses.

Strike’s Partnership with Bitrefill

The most exciting aspect of this partnership, as noted in an October 19 tweet, is the ability for users to purchase gift cards using their Bitcoin holdings. This means that Strike app users can now shop at their favorite retail stores, subscribe to streaming services, and conduct various online transactions, all with the power of the Bitcoin digital currency. It’s a major leap towards bridging the gap between the digital realm and tangible, real-world goods and services.

In addition to gift card purchases, this collaboration introduces the convenience of recharging mobile phone credits using BTC. Whether topping up their own phone or assisting someone else, Bitcoin is now a viable currency for these everyday necessities.

This functionality encompasses mobile service payments, including calls, text messages, and internet browsing, subject to compatibility with the user’s mobile service provider.

Strike and Bitrefill Partner to Widen Bitcoin's Everyday Utility

Harnessing the Bitcoin Lightning Network

This partnership also highlights the advantages of the Lightning Network, a technology adopted by Bitrefill. The Lightning Network is celebrated for its ability to facilitate Bitcoin transactions with minimal fees and lightning-fast confirmation times. It offers unprecedented efficiency and speed while fundamentally being settled on the Bitcoin blockchain.

For those eager to explore these new possibilities, the Strike team has provided a straightforward process. Within the Strike app, users need to select the “Shop with Lightning” option. Depending on their needs, they can choose products or enter a mobile number. Payment can be made with either traditional cash or Bitcoin, and a final confirmation seals the deal.

Strike, developed by Zap Solutions, is a mobile payment application that utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain for sending and receiving money. Led by entrepreneur Jack Mallers, the app’s mission is to disrupt costly global transactions and remittances, providing an affordable way to send money across borders by leveraging the Bitcoin protocol as a payment rail.

On the other hand, Bitrefill is a platform that provides a variety of cryptocurrency services, such as Bitcoin and Lightning Network support. They offer services like mobile phone recharge, gift card purchases, and Bitcoin transactions through the Lightning Network.


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