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Stakenet and its investment tools

In the sector related to banking and financial services, blockchain initiatives are flourishing with enough momentum due to the need to take the lead in a dynamic that allows for reliable financial solutions, verified in the blockchain. Stakenet arises within that circumstance and we will talk about it here.

Stakenet does not seek to be a blockchain banking and finance solution anymore, but it was conceived to go a step further, being an inter-chain platform. Stakenet will enable a target network of agreements and contracts between chains. This network will be powered by the native currency of Stakenets XSN and managed by the Stakenets masternodes.

But this attribute of operation between blockchains is undoubtedly a factor of preponderant attention. They developed their platform with technological inter-block connection architecture that will allow a greater and more fluid dynamic in the cryptocurrency trade.

Based on this interconnection architecture, Stakenet is a secure and intuitive platform to access the functions and services of each blockchain within the Stakenet own ecosystem. The exchange of Stakenet cryptocurrencies will be very fluid and all these currencies will be marketed in their own decentralized exchange. Stakenet will be that blockchain to join all the chains of operating blocks in the financial sector in a single ecosystem of blockchains, which is a huge advantage to facilitate operations between various cryptocurrencies with immediacy and ease.

The Stakenet block chain is driven by its own native cryptocurrency, the XSN, which can be used to pay for all services and products within the Stakenet ecosystem.

The objective of Stakenet is to consolidate itself as a safe and high-profit inter-chain ecosystem for all cryptocurrencies. For this Stakenet will set up a network of meta agreements and contracts between chains. This network will be driven by Stakenet’s native currency, the XSN, and managed by the Stakenet master nodes.

The Stakenet ecosystem will be composed of the following elements: first, the TPoS, which is a Stakenet invention. Fundamentally, this innovation seeks that storage offline as Ledger or Trezor are devices that generate profits.

Secondly, the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which will be a cryptocurrency exchange that is truly decentralized and executed by masternodes. These masternodes will be rewarded through commercial commissions. Owners of XSN masternode will have three sources of income from there: regular blocks, DEX trading fees and fees for executing TOR network services.

Third, a new multi-currency wallet that will allow users to operate and earn rewards from a single location from where they can access all of their cryptocurrencies.

Fourth, the TPoS Marketplace, which will be a market for various things where coin owners can cope.


Likewise Stakenet possesses the quality of guaranteed privacy. Stakenet is building the first TOR internal cryptography network run by masternodes. The Stakenet blockchain will encrypt transactions thanks to the zK-SNARK protocol.

XSN is the native utility token of the Stakenet ecosystem, and serves as the digital currency of that ecosystem to pay for all products and services there.

XSN has cross-chain capabilities (between different block chains). Thus, you can interact with any other currency. The user can, for example, automatically pay invoices in BTC using his XSN.

To know more details about this platform, we suggest checking its White Paper, as well as joining their Telegram channel to keep up to date with their news.

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