StablR Obtains License To Launch Stable EURR Currency Compatible With MiCAR

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  • StablR secures EMI license for EURR under MiCA regulations, strengthening transparency and security in cryptocurrencies.
  • EURR promises liquidity and strict compliance with AML and sanctions regulations, pivotal in the European crypto market.
  • MiCA regulations prompt exchanges to delist unregulated stablecoins, increasing demand for EURR.

A pivotal moment is approaching for StablR in the European regulatory environment of the crypto industry with the acquisition of its Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license for its EUR-denominated stablecoin, fully compliant with MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation).

Based in Malta, StablR has positioned itself as a provider of euro-denominated stablecoins, showcasing its commitment to transparency and security. The EMI license, granted on July 1, marks a significant milestone in its journey, ensuring that EURR meets the strict regulatory requirements of the European Union.

According to Gijs op de Weegh, founder and CEO of StablR, the license comes at a critical time as MiCA regulations begin implementation. Op de Weegh emphasized that the demand for transparent and reliable stablecoin alternatives is increasing, especially with new guidelines requiring fiat backing, transaction transparency, and robust security.

EURR is presented as a secure option fully backed by euros, providing essential liquidity for the European cryptocurrency market. The platform ensures that transactions are recorded and traced transparently, available 24/7 to facilitate almost cost-free cross-border payments and efficient settlements.

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StablR Strives to Meet All Regulations

Strict compliance with MiCA also means that StablR operates under AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and sanctions regulations. This is crucial to strengthen its position and solidity in regulatory compliance within the crypto industry.

Moreover, MiCA’s new regulations have led some exchanges to remove unregulated stablecoins from their listings. This has reaffirmed the growing importance of alternatives like EURR in the European market. Op de Weegh pointed out that the regulations could drive consistent growth in the use of euro-denominated stablecoins, offering new opportunities for both the crypto industry and the European financial system at large.

StablR’s acquisition of the EMI license for EURR marks a significant step towards the full integration of stablecoins into the European financial system, ensuring a viable and secure option for institutions and the general public.


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