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Spot 2019: Cryptocurrency Exchange Conference in Hong Kong Sponsored by Cardano Foundation will be held on July 29

SPOT is an initiative of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. Spot conference is going to be held in Hong Kong on July 29, 2019, in which most relevant players among the global cryptocurrency exchanges will be invited. They include representatives of Cardano Foundation, BC Group, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitbank, Ledger, BitGo, FTX, Derebit, Blockstream and money other regional and homegrown superstars of cryptocurrency.

250 decision-makers from the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges are coming together. It will be held at the old trading floor of the Hong Kong stock exchange to discuss different aspects of cryptocurrency. They will talk about collaboration, Industry standards, technology, and regulations.

Sponsored by Cardano Foundation, speakers from leading cryptocurrency exchanges will discuss cryptocurrency’s future. Speakers are Usman Ahamd from BC Group, Urszula McCormack from KWM, Tom Pagelar from BitGo, Trence Tsang from Tidebit, Syren Johnstone from HKU, Sam Bankman-Fried from FTX, Ryan Rodenbaugh from Trust Token, Paul Puey from Edge, Neil Woodfine from Blockstream, Nathan Kaiser from Cardano Foundation, Mriganka Pattnaik from Merkle Science, Miha Grcar from Bitstamp, Michael McCarthy from Aegis Custody, Maxine Ryan from Bit spark, Max Webster from Entiende Bitcoin, Mark Lamb from CoinFLEX, Marius Jansen from Derebit, Marissa Small from Bitcoin Centre Korea. You can check all the speakers from the SPOT’s website.

SPOT is an initiative of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Attendees will be representatives from financial regulators, legal advisors, and professional, technology and Infrastructure providers, Institutional Clients and liquidity providers and protocol Developers.

The representatives will discuss securities regulations, anti-money laundering regulations, friendly regulatory climates collaboration strategy, sidechains, second-layer networks, industry standards and best practices, KYC tools, decentralized exchanges, liquidity access, institutional clients and wallet security.

The goals to achieve in this conference are; strengthen trust in exchanges, encourage collaboration among exchanges, making best use of the latest and most secure technology, prepare yourself for productive relationships with regulators around the world and share best wallet practices among the different exchanges.

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong will be responsible for conducting this conference. The team members from the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong are Sam Lee, Olga Kochmar, president Leonhard Weese, Cybersecurity chief Bryan Cheung, and Amanda Siew.

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