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The online gaming sector has been one of the most favored by platforms based on blockchain tokenized solutions. Within this vast sector specifically the one that online casinos refer to has allowed us to know interesting solutions whose ICO’s we have reviewed in some occasions, let’s learn a little more the main nuances of the SP8DE platform.

SP8DE is defined as a new generation of blockchain gaming platform with its own protocol. Justify its emergence in the market from the premise that in the sector of online casinos based on cryptocurrencies there are still three main problems to be solved: First, the settlement time of each transaction, since it is taking much more time to liquidate a chain transaction than outside of it; Secondly, transaction fees, which can now be prohibitively high, making small bets impossible, and third, the generation of randomness in the blockchain, since miners can see and modify the headings of the blocks. As you can see the current viability of online casino games is subject to prompt solutions to solve these inescapable problems.

The blockchain technology allows to provide transparency to all transactions, drastically reducing the advantage of the house in betting, and also significantly reducing transaction costs, ensuring the anonymity of players, which leads to increase the confidence factor between them and others participants of the online casino game industry. Other of the interesting benefits of blockchain for online casinos is the decentralized infrastructure itself that does not imply any maintenance cost of the server, because the protocol is autonomous and public, its operation is printed in the ledger that is also immutable and can be verified by anyone at any time.

SP8DE becomes a platform that brings blockchain solutions with its own technology, based on Cardano, and the Ouroboros stake test protocol, which allows the development and operation of casino applications by eliminating completely, according to them, all the problems that we listed above. As for the Cardano project, it is a new generation blockchain protocol to which the platform will connect with its own blockchain. The Cardano project covers the best practices and innovations in the area of cryptocurrencies and assembles them in a single system.

The SP8DE platform will allow players to bet just, know the outcome of their bet at the time of the conclusion of their game and all this in a trusting environment in which the results of each play will not be manipulated in any way. In terms of application developers, the platform seeks to promote this development to result in games of betting whose characteristics supported in a blockchain that leads impartiality in the results, with low and viable transaction costs that stimulate the confidence in the betting user.

The platform has its own token, the SPX, which is in crowdsale until March 11, 2018.

The minimum investment amount to acquire the SPX token is $ 20 in any cryptocurrency. The tokens will be available immediately after the ICO finishes.

For more technical details of the project as well as aspects related to the ICO, you can review its White paper, and also follow its Telegram channel.

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