Social dApp Friendzone Goes Mainstream: Joins the Polygon Network

Friendzone, the Social dApp, Goes Mainstream: Joins the Polygon Network
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  • Friendzone joins Polygon PoS, driving the evolution of social applications on Web3.
  • The partnership with Polygon promises scalability and equitable monetization for users.
  • The integration with Polygon marks the beginning of a new era in the online social economy.

In the dynamic social media landscape, the integration of decentralized technologies is marking a significant change.

Friendzone, a decentralized social platform, has announced its foray into the Polygon PoS ecosystem, a strategic move that promises to transform the paradigm of social interaction on the web.

This collaboration not only drives adoption of SocialFi apps, but also addresses concerns about fair user monetization on social media.

By embracing Polygon PoS as its first blockchain expansion, Friendzone highlights its commitment to scalability and consumercentric application development in the Web3 realm.

This strategic choice is based on confidence in Polygon’s technology and its active community of developers and users.

Additionally, the partnership with Polygon promises to bring security, scalability and accessibility to Friendzone and its collaboration with Layer Social, laying the foundation for an innovative social capital marketplace.

One of Friendzone’s key challenges is fair monetization of social interactions for users

While social platforms have generated huge profits, users have received minimal return.

Friendzone joins Polygon PoS, driving the evolution of social apps on Web3

With its focus on creating the world’s first social capital marketplace, the company seeks to redefine this paradigm, offering users an equitable share in the value generated by their social interactions.

The platform also recognizes scalability and decentralization challenges in capturing and aggregating value from the on-chain social graph.

While off-chain solutions pose risks of centralization and censorship, Friendzone sees Polygon as a reliable and scalable solution to overcome these obstacles.

Additionally, Friendzone aims to create a unified layer for social identities, verification and rewards in collaboration with Polygon, giving rise to an on-chain circular social economy.

This approach promises to deliver a unique user experience and fairer monetization for creators and users in the world of Web3.

The partnership between Friendzone and Polygon PoS represents a significant step towards transforming social media through decentralized technologies.

By prioritizing scalability, decentralization, and monetization fairness, Friendzone is positioning itself as a leader in the next era of blockchain-based social media.


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