SLP Foundation Announced; Providing Open Source Tools Aiming Helping Rapid Growth in SLP Ecosystem

SLP Foundation Announced; Providing Open Source Tools Aiming Helping Rapid Growth in SLP Ecosystem
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SLP is one of the leading projects in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. SLP Foundation started working to provide the support and tools needed to make products on this project.

The tokens from SLP have experienced high acceptance and usage since the launch in 2018. The community is growing and providing more tools for developers to guarantees future growth. Some of the leading exchanges like CoinEx, CoinFLEC, Cryptophyl, and now support SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) technologies and accept some of the project’s tokens like Spice, Drop, Flex, SAI.

The non-profit foundation mainly focuses on growing the usage of SLP technologies.

“The mission of the foundation is to provide the needed support and resources for top-tier development, scaling, research, and community building, with the ultimate goal of making Bitcoin Cash the premiere token ecosystem to build on, and furthering its goals of global adoption and economic empowerment,” according to the announcement post.

The open-source initiative that SLP Foundation chose makes it easier and healthier to provide tools for developers and grow the community. The open-source tools attract more developers, and the foundation aims to partner with those developers to male a healthy environment for innovation.

Some of the big names within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem support the SLP Foundation.

“Peter Ng, Joey Wong, and Stefan Rust have recently formed a council, where they will serve akin to directors until a more suitable board can be elected. They will assist in communications, administration, research, and growth efforts, so the developers can focus on doing what they do best, writing code and building projects,” according to the announcement.

SLP Foundation announced one of its most important projects for the near term. The SLP 2020 is a project focused on improving SLP infrastructure in speed, stability, compatibility, and promotion. The foundation also wants to increase impact and presence in traditional sectors, too.

Digital media rights, identity management, points systems, gaming NFTs, authorized access tokens, regulated securities, and other conventional finance industries are among their goals. Partnering and more collaboration with the BCH community is another important goal for SLP Foundation.


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