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Shenzhen Wants to Boost the Consumption of Its Citizens Through an Airdrop of 30 Million Digital Yuan

As part of Shenzhen’s efforts in order to encourage livelihood consumption and assist merchants so that livelihood consumption can be stimulated, the city has released 30 million yuan red envelopes, in order to assist merchants in their efforts. It was announced that customers in Shenzhen can now sign up to be part of the Tesco Shenzhen lottery from 10:00 am on May 30. To do so, they should access the Meituan app and search for “Tesco Shenzhen.”

Almost 15,000 offline merchants in Shenzhen have the ability to redeem the digital renminbi red envelopes that have been given away to the winners using the Meituan platform, where they can dispose of the digital renminbi and use them for consumption, which is the reason for its distribution to the winners.

It is also possible for citizens of Shenzhen to choose a bank with a sign-up package that includes a 20 Yuan group coupon package. Once the sign-up process has been completed successfully, the customer will receive a 20 Yuan group coupon package.

Promoting Digital Yuan

Shenzhen used to provide its citizens through platforms such as Meituan a variety of coupons for their livelihood consumption so that they could allocate their resources according to their own needs. In recent years, Meituan data indicate that a growing number of people have been shopping in Shenzhen, spurred on by consumer coupons and that fireworks will return along with the sales as the economy improves.Shenzhen Wants to Boost the Consumption of Its Citizens Through an Airdrop of 30 Million Digital Yuan

It is reported that between April 28 and May 26 the following business districts in Shenzhen experienced significant increases in transaction volumes: Longhua Business District, Science and Technology Park Business District, Xili Business District, Shajing Business District, and Minzhi Business District. There was a significant improvement recorded at 23.24%, 15.37%, 24.21%, 23.89%, and 21.56%, respectively.

With the second half of the year nearly upon us, it is clear that the distribution of consumer coupons has become one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of approaches for promoting consumption in a variety of regions. In a number of different regions across the country, there have been attempts taken to combine online and offline techniques in order to reawaken the consumption potential. There is still much room for improvement in this undertaking.

It has been reported that more than 3.4 billion yuan worth of coupons has been issued to consumers by roughly 20 provinces and cities throughout the country between January and April of this year, according to incomplete statistics.

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