Sei Announces Phase 2 of Airdrop: Over 27M Tokens to be Distributed

Sei Announces Phase 2 of Airdrop: Over 27M Tokens to be Distributed
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  • Phase 2 Airdrop: Sei Foundation is distributing over 27 million SEI tokens to more than 43,000 addresses, rewarding active users since the Sei Pacific-1 Mainnet launch.
  • Sei v2 Upgrade: Introduces a high-performance, parallelized EVM blockchain with the fastest finality, marking a new era for the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: The airdrop rewards contributors to network security and active NFT community members, with Phase 3 details to be announced on Sei’s official Twitter.

The Sei Foundation has announced the commencement of Phase 2 of its airdrop, signaling a significant milestone for the Sei community. This event marks the distribution of over 27 million SEI tokens to more than 43,000 unique addresses, a testament to the active participation and growth of the Sei ecosystem.

Since the Sei Pacific-1 Mainnet reached operational status last August, it has seen over 100,000 addresses delegate their voting power, contributing to the network’s security. The mainnet has flourished into a vibrant economy, primarily driven by the exchange and creation of NFTs, boasting half a million transactions and substantial SEI volume.

The introduction of Sei v2 heralds a new era for the blockchain, positioning itself as the first high-performance, parallelized EVM blockchain. This upgrade serves as a novel scaling solution for the Ethereum ecosystem, boasting the fastest time to finality among blockchains.

How the Airdrop Works

Sei Announces Phase 2 of Airdrop: Over 27M Tokens to be Distributed

The Sei Foundation’s second airdrop is designed to reward users based on three criteria centered around active usage and engagement within the Sei network. A total of 27,421,200 SEI tokens will be allocated to 43,052 distinct addresses, honoring the power users since the mainnet’s inception.

Participants can verify their eligibility by visiting the official airdrop website and accepting the terms provided. The airdrop process requires no further action from the users, with tokens being directly sent to eligible addresses at the onset of Sei v2’s Phase 3.

Airdrop #2 Allocations

The second airdrop aims to reward those who have contributed to network security through staking and liquid staking, as well as active members of prominent NFT communities.

The Foundation has strived for fairness and transparency, targeting genuine community members, although acknowledging the possibility of inadvertently missing some.

The Foundation encourages community involvement, whether through development, project exploration, or social engagement. The commencement of Phase 3 and the subsequent token distribution will be announced via Sei’s official Twitter account.

Sei v2 Update Amplifies Network Capabilities with Dual-Address Functionality

The Sei v2 upgrade introduces several improvements, including dual address support, which facilitates compatibility with both 0x and native Sei blockchain addresses. This phased rollout is meticulously planned to optimize network performance, manage expectations, and mitigate risks.

As the Sei ecosystem continues to evolve, the Foundation remains committed to fostering a robust and dynamic community, with the second airdrop serving as a catalyst for further growth and innovation.


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