SEC Chair Gensler: Ethereum ETFs Could Be Fully Approved by September

SEC Chair Gensler: Ether ETFs Could Be Fully Approved by September
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  • The SEC’s Gensler plans to approve Ethereum Ethereum ETFs by summer.
  • ETF approval process advances after first approvals.
  • The CFTC’s Behnam considers ETH a commodity.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is speeding up the approval process for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that trade Ethereum (ETH), as announced by Gary Gensler, SEC Chairman, during a budget hearing on June 13, 2024.

Gensler informed lawmakers that final approvals for these ETFs are expected to be completed this summer, following the initial approval of a first group of applications.

Currently, the SEC is finalizing the registration requirements (S-1 files) at the staff level, indicating that once these files are approved, ETFs will be able to be listed on the markets, facilitating access to funds that hold real ether, similar to the bitcoin ETFs that are already in operation.

The hearing also revealed Gensler‘s cautious stance on classifying Ethereum as a commodity.

When asked directly about this issue, Gensler did not give a clear yes or no answer, reflecting the ambiguous stance the SEC has maintained regarding digital assets.

On the other hand, at the same hearing, Rostin Behnam, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), stated that Ethereum should be considered a commodity.

This statement highlights the differences in the classification and regulation of cryptocurrencies between different US regulatory agencies.

Behnam‘s statement underscores a sharper approach toward Ethereum classification, contrasting with the SEC‘s more reserved stance under Gensler.

These regulatory differences are representative of the ongoing debates and complexities in the regulation of digital assets within the United States government.

SEC Chairman Gensler: Ether ETFs Could Be Fully Approved by September

Regulatory Outlook and Future Implications for Ether

Testimony during the June 13 hearing highlights not only the imminent availability of ether-based ETFs, but also the regulatory divide over the classification of Ethereum as a commodity.

This debate reflects the need for more consistent and unified regulatory clarity in the treatment of cryptocurrencies  especially at a time when these digital assets are gaining greater acceptance and use in global financial markets.

Gary Gensler‘s stance, characterized by a cautious approach and careful management of regulatory risks, contrasts with the more defined vision of Rostin Behnam of the CFTC, who clearly states that ETH should be considered a commodity.

This discrepancy underscores the complexity of the current regulatory environment, where different agencies interpret and apply regulations in varying ways, creating a landscape of uncertainty for market participants and investors in digital assets.

The pending approval of Ethereum ETFs represents a significant milestone for the integration of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin into traditional financial markets.

However, regulatory uncertainty could influence the volatility and adoption of these financial products, potentially affecting liquidity and accessibility for retail investors.


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