Scroll Announces Launch on the Mainnet

Scroll Announces Launch on the Mainnet
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Scroll, a new protocol in the zkEVM ecosystem working to scale the blockchain has recently announced the launch of its mainnet. As per the announcement, all existing applications along with developer toolkits can now be migrated to the new scaling solution. The Scroll team also highlighted that there is little to no chance for anyone facing a potential problem as ideal functionality has been ensured right out of the box. 

As of now, Scroll considers its vision to provide reasonably lower transaction costs along with a faster throughput for the decentralized applications currently running on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform amalgamates thousands of different off-chain transactions into a single batch and then proceeds to submit a proof consisting of a minimalistic data summary to Ethereum’s mainnet.

Scroll Opts for a Silent Launch, Shares Roadmap

Many users believe that the platform deliberately hid the news of its mainnet going live since early October. The data shared by Etherscan suggests that Scroll’s mainnet went live on October 8, which resonates with the date the first smart contract that was deployed on the thScroll mainnet. 

Scroll Opts for a Silent Launch, Shares Roadmap

Scroll also highlighted that the mainnet was launched following 15 months of extensive testing along with security audits conducted on three different testnets. The team mentioned that more than 450,000 smart contracts were deployed on these three testnets and these enabled more than 90 million transactions across 9 million blocks. Similarly, more than 280,000 zk proofs were also generated. 

Just a little over a month ago, the founder of the platform, Ye Zhang, mentioned that the platform would initially launch with centralized features but would eventually become decentralized with time. Similarly, it was stated that the platform has already established a roadmap in an effort to address any point of failure and to encourage the community to develop better proving hardware. 

Furthermore, the community would also be offered the opportunity to present proposals about what’s best and necessary for the platform to continuously move forward and develop. Several analysts have lauded the developments in the zkEVM space and have stated that the increasing competition will eventually make the Ethereum blockchain robust. Scroll was established back in 2021 with the intention of establishing itself as community-driven. 


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