Rumors of XRP Listing on Robinhood Spread Like Firev

Rumors of XRP Listing on Robinhood Spread Like Fire
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An unknown insider has recently informed about the potential listing of XRP on Robinhood by the end of this year. The rumor regarding the potential listing of the Ripple (XRP) token was started on X by a user who goes under the username 25hoursawake. The rumor spread like wildfire and has sent major shockwaves throughout the crypto market. Furthermore, several investors and analysts took the situation to the platform to talk about their opinions and perspectives regarding the ongoing speculation of the listing.

Over the course of time, Robinhood has made a name for itself as a result of its highly careful listing process and their silent movements. At the same time, the platform invests considerable time and effort into its crypto-listing procedure to ensure that the highest-qualified cryptocurrencies are integrated into the platform. As the crypto space is diligently discussing the potential listing of XRP on Robinhood, some analysts have highlighted that the integration of the token in the platform would set the stage for exposing the digital asset to a broader audience and would result in increased investments in Robinhood.

Varying Opinions on the Potential listing, But XRP remains Stable

With the rumor making rounds throughout the crypto market, the excitement has resulted in XRP experiencing a positive ascend. It is important to note that a slight positive change in XRP’s trading price has happened during a time when numerous other cryptocurrencies have been severely impacted amid increased uncertainty within the market. At the time of writing, XRP has moved up by a slight 0.29% over the previous 24 hours. The trading price up to almost $0.520. Similarly, the market cap of XRP currently stands at the $27 billion mark.

Rumors of XRP Listing on Robinhood Spread Like Fire

Many analysts throughout the crypto market have supported the possibility of the listing, but some have expressed increased disdain. Most of them have pointed out Robinhood’s habits of restricting trades and transactions during increased market volatility. As a result of this, several people have started doubting the platform’s ability to provide uninterrupted access to users.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then the crypto market should look forward to a surge in investments along with market trends. However, many currently believe that Robinhood has already set its sights on XRP without the knowledge of the general public.


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