‌ ‌to Integrate‌ ‌Chainlink‌ ‌VRF‌ in Its Blockchain-Based Game‌ ‌to Integrate‌ ‌Chainlink‌ ‌VRF‌ in Its Blockchain-Based Game

RSGP announced a new partnership with Chainlink that includes integrating Chainlink’s VRF into the blockchain-based game and Defi. The new service will help the game improve the randomization of assets.

The nostalgic Old School RuneScape-inspired NFT-gamified yield farming platform will use Verifiable Random Function on Binance Smart Chain and improve the accuracy of data on the platform.

More Accurate Data for the NFT-Based Game

Chainlink is the leading oracle provider in the blockchain industry. Many blockchain projects and products use its services to gather data from reliable sources. Services like price feed and VRF are among the most popular in Chainlink’s portfolio. Some businesses use price feed for their financial products, while others leverage VRF for ensuring accurate randomization in their platforms. In simple terms, VRF assures the teams they have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness.

RSGP is a blockchain based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It has many elements and game types for attracting blockchain enthusiasts. The team behind the project aims to add NFT-based chests to it, which needs randomness. They need a reliable source of randomness to assure the players that rewards are verifiable random and can’t be modified by anyone. The latest partnership with Chainlink and integrating VRF is a very crucial step toward that goal. isn’t basically a game. It can be considered as a DeFi service that completely focuses on gamification. As the team describes:

“RSGP is an upcoming Old School RuneScape (OSRS) inspired, NFT gamified yield farming platform on the Binance Smart Chain that allows users to maximize yield farming by the use of NFT-based gamification. Users can securely stake their liquidity, earn the platform’s RSGP tokens in return and obtain iconic, rare items in the form of a randomly minted NFT by opening chests. Obtained NFT’s can be applied to users’ staked liquidity to increase their yield farming rewards and reduce lock time, as well as traded freely, user-to-user, on the internal marketplace known as the ‘Grand Exchange.’”

Partnering with Chainlink is only one of the important parts of development and improvement in RSGP. The platform will launch with a public pre-sale. This step will show the potentials and attractiveness of the game-based DeFi platform on Binance. Choosing Chainlink shows that the RSGP team is serious about the reliability and verifiability of data on the platform. But we should wait and see the first experience on this platform to know if the new strategy is attractive enough to find new users and investors.